Date: 15 Jan 2011


SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE ENEMIES OF HINDUS HAVE BEEN KILLING AND SLAUGHTERING THE HINDUS CONTINUOUSLY SINCE 712 AD. THE LAST MASS GENOCIDE TOOK PLACE IN 1947 WHEN SOME TWO MILLION HINDUS WERE KILLED IN ONE YEAR ALONE WITH THE TACIT APPROVAL OF UNO, UK AND THE USA. NONE OF THEM CHALLENGED THE BOGUS AND SAVAGE STATE OF PAKISTAN THAT IS SATURATED WITH THE POISON OF ISLAM. IS ANYONE KEEPING TRACK OF "MUSLIM UPON MUSLIM" KILLINGS THERE?\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT HAVE THE HINDUS BEEN DOING? IN THE END THEY EVEN RAN AWAY FROM LAHORE WAITING FOR DELHI, TOO, TO VANISH UNDER THE SWORD OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA.\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are the same all over the world.\\\\\\\\\\ After they were WIPED OUT in West Punjab those in EAST Punjab did not retaliate. They left it to the SIKHS who earned the wrath of Nehru and INDIRA to sort them out later. \\\\\\\\\\ When the Hindus of NORTH Kashmir were wiped out, one expected those in SOUTH Kashmir to pick up the guns and swords and wipe out the "BASTARDS" in South Kashmir. But what happened, instead? \\\\\\\\\\\ Even those in SOUTH Kashmir got killed or KICKED OUT. The Hindu jagat reacted in the same way as they did when the news of BEHEADING of Guru Tegh Bahadur reached all corners of Hindusthan.\\\\\\\\ So, who are we looking to? The "RATS" in Lok Sabha?\\\\\\\\ Hindus only in name but in REALITY servants of Sonia of Italy and Mohammed of Mecca. \\\\\\\\\\ Recovery will take a long time.\\\\\\\\\\ \ 15 Jan 11.\\\\\\ ----------------- \\\\\\\ In a message dated 15/01/2011 02:12:46 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXX.com writes: \\\\\\\\\\ SABARIMALA TRAGEDY AND THE DEATH OF OUTRAGE\\\\\\\\\\\ \ Dr. Babu Suseelan\\\\\\\\\\ The Sabarimala tragedy and untimely death of over hundred Ayappa devotees clearly demonstrates the callous disregard and devilish indifference of the Marxist government’s apathy and disregard for Hindu devotees life. The Police and the Marxist government officials knew or should have been known that millions of Hindu Ayappa Bhaktas visit Sabarimala every year. Instead of providing effective services for Hindu devotees, successive anti Hindu governments in Kerala have been collecting increased taxes from Ayappas devotees for minimum services government agencies provided to Hindu pilgrims.\\\\\\\\ Several attempts were made previously to destroy Sabarimala Ayappa Temple. Timely Hindu outrage has stopped or prevented the destruction of one of the greatest Hindu Temples of Kerala. This tragedy again proves reality gives ways to illusion. This reckless and irresponsible behavior of the government again conclusively proves their disrespect and disregard for Hindus in Kerala. \\\\\\\\ We see such tragedies again and again in India. In Kashmir, Hindu devotees are forced to pay Jasiya to Muslim rulers while central and state governments are paying extra money and spent millions for Muslims to visit Saudi Arabia for beheading animals.\\\\\\\\ In much of modern India, there seems to be a belief that anything that involves mass death of Hindus ought to be forgotten. The government collects millions of rupees from Ayappa devotees year after year. The Marxist government in Kerala considers Ayappa devotees a good source of revenue. \\\\\\\\\\ Today we see little public outrage about discrimination and harassment against Hindu devotees. The central and pseudo secular state governments controlled by Jihadis and the Sonia gang have constructed a defensive wall built of bricks of diversion, blame game, half-truths and deliberate indifference towards Hindus. There is lack of outrage when tragedy strikes. The modern allergy to and indifference for Hindu lives is deeply problematic. The willingness of our citizens to make judgments about serious matters involving our life and death is pertinent for our cultural continuity. A nation can survive only on the people’s capacity to make reasonable judgment based on moral principles. \\\\\\\\ Many citizens no longer express their anguish and outrage when the victims are Hindus. When people do not think, react, express their outrage, then they have decided to submit to the dictatorial will of the Marxists, atheist, Jihadis and the missionaries. If people choose to make no effort to understand the dark forces behind such tragedy then they have chosen to be victims. If people choose to disregard past tragedies and highhandedness and abuses, they choose to sacrifice themselves to the next killers. This Sabaarimala tragedy reminds Hindus again not to be lethargic and indifferent and never expect any great leap forward from anti Hindu governments. Hindus cannot ignore the problems of the past and the present. To preserve our culture, to save our temples, and to promote our sacred values, Hindus must act now. If not now, when?\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000