BJP's flag hoisting will set subcontinent on fire

Date: 15 Jan 2011


Yasin Malik is saying what comes naturally to an indoctrinated brainwashed follower of Mohammed of Mecca.\\\\\\\\ A Muslim is like the OX driving the oil press. His eyes are capped. So he cannot see right or left but only to the front. In the same way a Muslim will go on demanding SEPARATION even when he can see Pakistan now full of heaps of corpses (dead bodies) of MUSLIMS with daily assassinations, suicide bombings, lack of food for starving refugees some under canvass, some under open sky, shortages of fuel, sugar, electricity and gas and even jobs. Her roads are full of potholes and her traffic lights are without bulbs. Bandits, Taliban, Mullahs and Imams are driving the people like the sheep. The draconian blasphemy laws see someone hanged, shot or clubbed to death for merely saying that Christ, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak, too, were as good as, if not a thousand times better than, Mohammed. \\\\\\\\\ But for Yasin Malik with eyes capped and brain blocked, separation from secular India will be like paradise on earth. \\\\\\\ We do not expect Sonia Gandhi or Abdul Kalam, even the Shreematee Supreme Commander of India, to go to Srinagar to tell him that if Kashmir separates then he will only see MOHAMMED KILLIND MOHAMMED as in West Punjab, Waziristan and Karachi. \\\\\\\\\\ He should count his lucky stars that India is still a HINDU country where he is safer than in MECCA, MEDINA, KARBALA, KARACHI, PESHAWAR, QUETTA or ISLAMABAD. \\\\\\\\\\ It is now high time that we declare TRAITOR Nehru's pseudo-secular MONGREL Bharat to be "HINDU RASHTRA." It will reassure the Hindus of Kerala and West Bengal, the Sikhs of truncated East Punjab, and even the Hindus of South Kashmir who will feel brave enough to return home. \\\\\\\\\ 15 Jan 11.\\\\\\\ ============\\\\\\ In a message dated 15/01/2011 04:40:36 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\ Read What Yasin Mallik - Islamic Separatist Scum Bag Writes \\\\\\\ BJP's flag hoisting will set subcontinent on fire: Yasin Malik Press Trust Of IndiaSrinagar, January 13, 2011First Published: 21:58 IST(13/1/2011)Last Updated: 00:07 IST(14/1/2011) \\\\\\\\\\\ Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Thursday said the BJP's plan of hoisting the tricolour at Lal Chowk here on Republic Day will set the entire subcontinent in flames. "When BJP was in power, it started peace initiative not only with Pakistan but the Kashmiri leadership as well at their door steps. Now they are bent upon hoisting a flag in Lal Chowk to set the entire subcontinent on fire," he said. "BJP should restrict its negative politics within India otherwise the entire sub-continent will be in flames," Malik said, adding that the party should understand that it cannot force Kashmiris into submission. Asking people of the state to assemble at the city centre of Lal Chowk on January 26, Malik said, "Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed land and not anybody's personal property.The people of the state are the real masters of the land and will march to Lal Chowk on January 26 to show the world whose flag is going to be hoisted at the city centre". Reacting to the statement of BJP president Nitin Gadkari while flagging off the Rashtriya Ekta Yatra (national unity march) in Kolkata yesterday, Malik accused BJP leaders of playing vote bank politics.The JKLF leader said Gadkari's remarks show his "political dishonesty" and were indicative of the double standards of the party. "This is very unfortunate that after 63 years of independence we need to go to Kashmir for hoisting a flag. Lakhs of Kashmiri pandits have been evicted from Kashmir. Congress is only interested in vote bank politics," the BJP president had said. Malik said, "Whatever Gadkari said in Kolkata is nothing but an open war against the Kashmiris. The unyielding Kashmiris who have rendered supreme sacrifices cannot be cowed down by threats of Gadkari and other BJP leaders." \\\\\\\\\\ 000000000