Article 857

Date: 16 Jan 2011


INDIAN MUSLIMS SUFFER FROM SCHIZOPHRENIA. There are Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and the SIKH GURUS on ONE SIDE, and there is the FOREIGNER ALIEN ARABIA that produced even more alien unpalatable MOHAMMED. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Well written (below). I have added a word in the last line. Hope you won't mind. \\\\\\\\\\ Instead of throwing out the IDEOLOGICAL MUCK from Saudi Arabia these Pakistanis (mostly "be-waqoof" PUNJABIS) stuck to it, strengthened it in order to become MORONS. \\\\\\\\\ First they KILLED the SIKHS, then the HINDUS, then the MOHAMMED upon MOHAMMED murders, assassinations and killings. ISLAM produced Madrassas. The Madrassas produced TALIBAN and the TALIBAN now wish to take over ISLAMABAD and PAKISTAN. \\\\\\\\\ This has made the Paki Government to send the Army shouting ALLAH HU AKBAR to search out and KILL the TALIBAN also shouting ALLAH HU AKBAR. \\\\\\\\\\\ Enjoy the way of ARAB life and learn ARABIC to read KORAN that was only for the savage Arabs in 7th century AD but NOT for Punjab or Sindh or East Bengal in the 21st. century. \\\\\\\\\\ Moreover, you INFERIORITY COM-PLEX ridden "rats, how is the DIVINITY of Guru Nanak, born in Punjab any less than the divinity of any wild Arab warmonger who claims to have heard God talking like a man to him?\\\\\\\\\\\ You are like the woman who leaves her own home and then is passed on from one man to the other, ending up in hunger, disease and death. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ PAKISTANI MUSLIMS, your end will be no different .YOU INSULTED NATIVE GODS AND GURUS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ -=== In a message dated 16/01/2011 15:43:26 GMT Standard Time, writes: Sahir's 1952 remigration to India story was provided by Dawn columnist Jawed Naqvi. Although Naqvi's writings portray only deep rooted hate for Hindus and India, but in a rare write-up he criticized the Pak rulers of early 1950's era and briefly described the conditions under which Sahir had to flee Lahore (original name Lavore, named after Ram's son Lav). A court case was filed against Sahir for criticizing the then Pak Govt for moving towards lunatic Islamism. That move, of course, the Pakis made anyway, afterall Pakistan was created to eventually become a hard-core Islamic country. Hi, Pakis, enjoy the fruits of the tree planted by your beloved scotch DRINKER, PORK EATER leader Jinnah. xxxxxxxxxxx \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000