Date: 18 Jan 2011


INDIAN SHEEP HAVE WON REPRIEVE FROM MUSLIM WOLVES IN PARTRITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) \\\\\\\\\\\ 15 January 2011 THE INDIAN REPUBLIC CAPITULATES TO ISLAMIC TERRORISM IN ITS OWN BACKYARD \\\\\\\\\ This is not an alarmist or a sensationalist subject title. It is the simple truth and reality. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What happened in Nizamuddin yesterday is shameful, shocking and extremely dangerous at the same time. It is up to each one of us to take stock of the situation. \\\\\\\\\\\ A friend of mine who stays in Nizamuddin spoke of an open war between an inflamed and fanatic Muslim mob, and a palpably defensive security apparatus, clearly under instructions not to react. \\\\\\\\\\ This was Calcutta 1946 redux. A beginning of the Great Delhi insurrection of the Caliphate. The Indian Republic capitulated in the very first encounter. \\\\\\\\\\\ We can pretend all is hunky dory in the regime of Signora Maino G, her factotum MMS and the housemaid, Sheila Dik... Or we can say that this was an isolated incident, brought about by irresponsible local Muslim elements. We will be living in self-denial and delusion if we subscribe to these notions. \\\\\\\\\ The basic issue is much more critical - the open confrontation that Indian Islam is now having with the Indian state. It is clear that the Indian Muslim leadership has lost all pretensions of being Indian and the only identity the Indian Muslim leaders can and will espouse is that of Islam. \\\\\\\\\\ This aggressive and belligerent stance amounts to a declaration of war against the Indian Republic. What happened yesterday in the heart of the nation's capital should ring alarm bells for all of us. The mullahs challenged the entire state apparatus and got away clean. In this insurrection, they were instigated, aided and abetted by the Congress and other motley political groups. \\\\\\\\\\ Let us not beat about the bush any longer - a High Court order, passed after many years of deliberations, is openly flouted by the Mullahs, who are assisted by low-life politicians from the Congress, Samajwadi and other parties, who depend on the vote-bank of the Muslims. The Constitution, the law and our national security amount to nothing in the eyes of this treasonous lot. \\\\\\\\\\ Mark my words - this is a very dangerous development for all responsible Indian citizens. Civil society is in grave danger - under relentless attack from a virulent force. \\\\\\\\\ It is now open season for Islamo-fascism against India. \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\================ 000000000