Date: 19 Jan 2011


Act for Britain \\\\\\ The indigenous people of this country must act now! \\\\\\\\\\ Wake up we! We are being attacked! \\\\\\\\\ We really do seem to be asleep at the switch. We really must ACT. To start a chapel in your area will be essential to expanding our influence. Please do not wait for someone else to start one, do it yourself. Once you have collected enough people in your area, you will then be able to sort out who can do what; as in my newsletter, and report back to us what is going on in your area. When we know what is happening we can work out what action can be taken.\\\\\\\\\ We need to be able to ask experts, knowledgeable people for advice, and guidance. We cannot do it individually, Please form groups, call it what you like, association, group, chapel, collective, It dosn't matter but please get together and ACT.\\\\\\\\\ Things are getting worse every day, Islamists are worming more and more into our social structure. Remember Edmund Burke - " All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing " We must not only do something but we need to do it effectively. \\\\\\\\\\\ I have heard the excuses, witsessed the attitude of the authorities. I know well the difficulties of convincing people that we not only have a problem, it is getting worse, and it won't go away if we ignore it!\\\\\\ It is going to be hard going in the larger cities, I am aware of that. Read the article from the vicars wife on the message board. there are other towns and cities that are having the same problem. where people have been injured, crossing a park and told "This is a Muslim area keep away" Look at what has happened in Tower Hamlets. We however cannot allow this to continue, \\\\\\\\\\\ It is as if the indigenous people of this country are sitting on a hot coal, waiting for someone else to remove them. It appears that the authorities are not going to remove them, despite the fact that they must know by now that this country is in trouble. goodnes know what their agenda is. \\\\\\\\\\\ Here at Halesworth the chapel is growing, and we will soon be able to Act locally, but it still needs people, from all walks of life, to be informed and aware of the problems that this country faces. Particularly if we do nothing. \\\\\\\\\ To visit the 'Recent Newsletters' page on the Act for Britain website Click Here \\\\\\\\ 000000000