Date: 21 Jan 2011


DEEP FROZEN INDIAN BABOONS \\\\\\\\ Until 1947 the British were the masters of India. In order to administer the vast sub continent with hundreds of languages, sects and religions, they needed highly qualified British officers assisted by an army of native clerks or baboos. \\\\\\\ The British officers had guts, daring, initiatives and education. Their clerks, or baboos, slavishly typed their instructions and order out, printed copies and sent them to all parts of the country. The clerks were mere copying or writing machines. They were not supposed to use their brains. Any baboo who thought of doing something original or without permission of superior bosses, was considered rebellious or audacious and dismissed forthwith. \\\\\\\ After decades of specialisation the baboos became a rigid class of morons. \\\\\\\\\\ When the British departed in 1947 there was extreme shortage of officers. It was here that the baboos had their first victory. They knew the rules while the newly promoted INDIAN officers were not only timid and overcautious but also knew nothing of the real world except their theoretical BOOKISH knowledge. \\\\\\\\\ They were so timid that they always played safe and took no decision but at every step asked the clerk (baboo) what to do and how to write the letters. \\\\\\ Thereafter the native ministers, too, were straight from illiterate and impoverished rural scene. Most did not know English and even Hindi that is still struggling to become the overall national language. These ministers, too, became excessively dependent on their baboos. \\\\\\\ Add to this was the crippling DYNASTY factor! \\\ Nehru, who replaced the British Viceroy, had other intentions about PERPETUATING his own rule through his children and grandchildren till eternity. Did he want clever ministers or officers? NO WAY! He needed morons and he had them in abundance. \\\\\\\ Nehru, Indira and Rajiv chose ministers who were absolutely rubbish with the only qualification to tow the line and say "YES" to whatever any “Gandhi” said or dictated. \\\\\\\ That is how the BABOOS now rule the roost while India is struggling to escape the iron hold of Dynasty and replace the vast army of "deep frozen" BABOOS for fresh administrative blood to match the development of Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and China. \\\\\\ But the baboos are now like the CAT among all the mice, including the army generals who are career soldiers, not professional like the generals who drove the enemy away across continents and won victories. \\\\\\\ The question is, “WHO WILL BELL THE BABOO CAT?” \\\\\\\\\\ 21 Jan 11. 000000000