Date: 21 Jan 2011


PARTITION, A PERSONAL ACCOUNT \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In 1947 two of my uncles traveled to Calcutta from South Indian state of Andhra pradesh to drop the ashes of their dead father in Holy River Ganges. in Banares. Then traveled to Calcutta. \\\\\\\\\\ About the time these pictures were taken they were caught in Moslem area of Calcutta. If they come out into streets , the riotes would pull their dhotis check them out if they are not circumcised they will kill them on the spot.\\\\\\\\\ So these uncles paid 10,000 rupees to a big Sardarji sikh with a big sword to get them to a safe place. He brought large planks put them from one bulding to another and they would walk on them, from building to building. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ When they returned to village, the whole village visited them, they would tell stories of their nightmares for months. \\\\\\\\\\\\ If you are not alert history will repeat itself., which is proving itself. In order to see the proof Google TAPAN GHOSH, see for yourself.\\\\\\\\\ =============== 000000000