Date: 26 Jan 2011


MUSLIM INTOLERANCE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslim MEN, on the other hand, make a "bee line" for an unsuspecting Christian or Hindu girl in order to trap her. \\\\\\\\\\ They will KILL their own sisters and daughters if they fall in love with a NON Muslim. To them the HONOUR does not belong to non Muslims but only to them! All the non Muslims are perceived by the Muslims to be DISHONOURABLE people.\\\\\\\\\\ Europe is experiencing this serious problem- the LOSS of girls to Muslims with NO gain from Muslim side. The population ratio is being affected badly since we do not see any PARITY in Muslim and NON Muslim marriages and the offspring.\\\\\\\\\\ Keeping their own girls INDOORS or stictly OUT OF REACH of NON Muslim boys is considered "Jehad" (holy war) by Muslims who have specialised in HUNTING naive and innocent (but not stupid!) Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What happens to the girl who marries a Muslim due to ignorance or FEAR? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One thing is certain: She cannot leave him or Islam in order to get back to her religion at birth. Her punishment, as advocated by Muslims, is DEATH. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is beyond belief as to how the educated and knowledgeable EUROPEANS can tolerate SUCH Islam any more in their midst. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims, who hawkishly GUARD their own daughters from "walking away" with Non Muslims, must be laughing at the selfish Christian culture where even a brother, seeing his sister being seduced by a Muslim, says, "It is HER business. It is none of MY business!" 000000000