Date: 26 Jan 2011


KASHMIR IS ISLAMIC AND PAKISTANI NOW. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The BJP activists including top opposition leaders sitting in both houses of parliamnt were blocked from entering J&K state and our satta lolup paper tiger MM Singh and his cabinet kept watching rather backing the foul acts of J&K government.\\\\\\\\\\\This kind of lack of character ,patriotism and display of sheer opportunism to remain glued in power is condemnable act of Congress.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How any one can be arrested for trying to hoist national flag and that too on 26th January?The government of J K could have earmarked a proper place for the event in Srinagar under army watch. This corrupt UPA government also overlooked hoisting of Pakistan flag by some traitor muslim jihadis in srinagar in september.Those person should be have been shot dead on the spot.Thoiugh video footage is available no action has been taken. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The recent incidents clearly show that kashmir problem is not kashmir problem as of a State.It is purely a muslim jihadi and muslim hegemony problem under guidance of Quran.It is a religious problem.It is direct affront to Hindu majority of the country and backed by Pakistan a rogue fundamentalist state. \\\\\\\\\\\ BJP is considered as symbol of Hindu patriotism.Hence opposition to BJP by J&K muslim fundamntalists is direct challenge to Hindu majority of the country. \\\\\\\\\\\ Our power and votes hungry corrupt politicians like Sonia,Singh,Mayawatri,Lalloo etc should feel ashamed.\\\\\\\\\\ It is time that separatists leaders and dogs of Pakistan are liquidated without any hesitation at the earliest. \\\\\\\\\\ This problem can't be ever solved as it is a problem rooted in faulty islamic preachings and relgious hatred and fundamentalism. \\\\\\\\\ It is global challenge to concepts of secular and democratic functioning of soceities.In fact muslim doctrine is self contradictory,medieval and crude and direct insult of God in whose name all violence and illegal acts are carried out by fanatic muslims the world over. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Government of India should act tough and send clear message of either following secularism or perish to hardline blinded muslims.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Any body found carrying pakistani flag anywhere in country should be shot down instantly. 000000000