Date: 27 Jan 2011

Comment ------------------------- Dear Minette\\\\\\\\\\\\ We are pleased to read your article under the head, Itís not a phobia, Lady Warsi- itís rational to fear Islam, published in The Sunday Times, last Sunday (23 January 2011). \\\\\\\\\\\\ We appreciate your courage to defy the treacherous "political correctness" and speak your mind frankly and boldly. We wish more journalists were of your kind and calibre. \\\\\\\ The bestial crimes of ISLAM against mankind are too many to put in a small article when we need books to give details right from the time Mohammed set off from Mecca to "conquer the world". \\\\\\\\ He was preceded by some and succeeded by many of his kind whose names we know. They all met with defeat and death while Mohammed got away. It is because he was smart enough to enforce and impose whatever he proclaimed by adding the phrase, "Allah said so." \\\\\\\\\\ He knew that none will defy Allah and thus accept his crude code of conduct with regard to abduction, rape, murder and land grab (Jihad). \\\\\\\\\ So, "in the name of Allah," any loafer, vagabond, adventurer, dimwit, philanderer, schizophrenic or disgruntled man can legally have up to four wives, divorce one who wasn't prepared to be slave or concubine, by merely saying "talaaq" (divorce) three times, beat and starve a disobedient female, pronounce the verdict to amputate foot or hand or even gouge out the eyes of a thief or rebel, kill anyone who left the suffocating mental "prison" of Islam, call everyone "KAFIR" who did not submit to Mohammed, and behead him in public, flog women in public, blow up girls's schools, invade any country for its gold, silver and women, wantonly destroy temples, synagogues and churches and even PARTITION a country on achieving demographic majority in any part of region. India had her five provinces amputated when the intolerant & separatist "Islamic gangrene" spread. Cyprus lost its Northern part and Serbia lost Kosovo for the same reason. \\\\\\\\\ Shrewd Mohammed declared, "thus spoke Allah", and had a book written up, calling it KORAN. It is the compelling Code of Conduct for a "fighter-killer" like no other incendiary literature on earth. \\\\\\\\\\ Century after century, it has produced Jihadis, Mujahideen, Ghazis and TERRORISTS who have destroyed civilized nations by converting the inhabitants and crushing their human rights. \\\\\\\\\ The modern version of a "good Muslim", never condemned by the rest, is the suicide bomber who blows him-/herself up for maximum carnage and loss of innocent life. \\\\\\\\\ The massacre at the airport near Moscow, the explosion on train in Madrid, the Underground & bus bombings in London, the destruction of WTC towers in New York, the massacre of Greeks in Northern Cyprus and desecration of their churches, the genocide in West Punjab and East Bengal (Noakhali), the destruction of Temple Mount in Jerusalem and Sophia Hagis, a church built over 1400 years ago in Istambul, all can be traced back directly, without any diversion, to Mohammed of Mecca himself and his Book, the Koran, as the primary source of belligerency, murder, plunder, abduction, rape and land grab. \\\\\\\\\\\ Coming back to ENGLAND, it is absolutely beyond belief that our Government, entrusted with our security today and safety tomorrow, should let in so many Muslims and then give them all the encouragement to bring in more, convert freely and procreate at disproportionately excessive rate so that this country, too, adopts Islam as its official religion eventually. \\\\\\\\\\\ All the senior citizens, who still remember how difficult it was to escape slavery under HITLER, are now asking, "How will we get rid of Islam and Koran, if our grandchildren are not to live in the "Islamic Republic" of England?"\\\\\\\\\\\ For those who were born in LAHORE and DHAKA when these cities were in one country, the question has become irrelevant now. \\\\\\\\\\ Since Muslims everywhere regard Mohammed as their Prophet and blindly believe like unquestioning morons that Koran is the Word of Allah, we should regard Islam as global menace and the enemy of women's dignity and equality, secularism and democracy. \\\\\\\\\ Please follow up the sad tale of just one young woman rendered a widow in prime of her life, condemned to live the life of grief & mourning while bringing up her children single-handed in the aftermath of widespread massacres in West Punjab, India, during 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\ None can give a better testimonial on the character of Mohammed and the destructive propensity acquired by his followers through brainwashing and conditioning, than hers. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 27 Jan 11. --------------------------------------------- 000000000