Date: 27 Jan 2011


(wee e-mail below)\\\\\\\\\\\\\ You are quite right. \\\\\\\\\\\Every time we see NATURE or WILD LIFE pictures/films or documentaries on television the same idea occurs to us. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The animals of prey plan their hunt and then corner the victim and make a meal of it while the other animals of its kinship either take to flight or keep on grazing in the distance not caring two hoots how one of them is being devoured by a pack of lions, wolves or hyenas. \\\\\\\\\ The victim in our minds is always the HINDU. The predators are always the Muslims or the Christians who come from distant lands and these days even within our own country and kill and massacre at will. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ When Hindus in West Punjab, East Bengal or North Kashmir were being massacred, abducted and raped, the HINDUS IN THE REST OF INDIA went about their normal routine of life as if nothing was happening anywhere. \\\\\\\\\\ They neither came to help or defend those being burnt alive or hacked to death nor took up arms to set fire to all the mosques in their areas to teach the Muslims a lesson to respect the fellow humans of other faiths. \\\\\\\\\\\\ So what is wrong with the PERISHING HINDUS? \\\\\\\\\\\ When they see a Mohammed seduce and wed a Hindu girl, not even 20 Hindus gather around him with the ultimatum, "EITHER BECOME A HINDU YOURSELF OR LET HER GO." \\\\\\\\\\\ Their INACTION, neutrality and political correctness or COWARDICE means that within 15 years the same Hindu girl will produce up to TWELVE Mohammeds and Fatimas as gift to Rasul Allah of Mecca, and they in turn will start HUNTING THE HINDUS once again. \\\\\\\\\ In Bharat this has been going on generation after generation for at least a THOUSAND years to produce a wild crop of Mohammeds who captured five provinces on one day and then massacred TWO MILLION Hindus within weeks. \\\\\\\\\\\\ No wonder the Land of Hindus is shrinking, sometimes by bits and pieces and sometimes in huge chunks. \\\\\\\\\ ======== In a message dated 27/01/2011 15:52:31 GMT Standard Time,xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com writes: \\\\\\\\\\ Below pictures about a crocodile that attacked a lion cub but three lionesses came to defend their baby. The crocodile had no chance to escape from the furious ladies. (Pictures deleted). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I see in these pictures that even animals have wisdom to protect their kith & kins by attacking their enemies. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In India, we have seen and continue to experience that people of foreign faith - the converts by invaders attack our kith & kins and instead of attacking them and make them to pay for their deeds, people are licking them and appease them with all kinds of kindness. \\\\\\\\\\ Is there NO lesson to be learnt from these four legged animals??? Just think! 000000000