Date: 27 Jan 2011


COMMENT:\\\\\\\\ His sacrifice of life may be the STARTING POINT of a mighty powerful people's REVOLUTION that will topple this useless and thoroughly disreputable and corrupt Dynastic IMPOSITION called "Government of India" on the enslaved nation. \\\\\\\\\\ The revolution, when it comes, will not be too early in a land where the MAJORITY community has worked and lived only as "slaves & nishkam sewaks" for the enrichment, empowerment and amusement of our ruthless masters who, in previous CENTURIES could abduct, rape and behead anyone who refused to recite "Kalma", and in more recent decades can "bash" the Hindus, "kill" the Sikhs and rob them both of wealth and territory while fanning the culture of uncontrillable rampant corruption that is beyond parallel on earth. \\\\\\\\\\ We hope and pray that the ultimate sacrifice of this bold and honest officer (so rare in today's Bharat) does not go in vain in the degraded land where the life of a citizen is like a grain of DUST while Italians are being weighed in GOLD and the Muslims in diamonds, where the Rashtrapatni and the prime minister are both the carbon copies of compromising, conceding "Bapu" MK Gandhi, the promise of partition, defeat & slaughter. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 27 Jan 11. ======== \\\\\ It is free for all since the most impotent and self seeking toothless MM Singh has become PM.He is blanket on filth and promoter of anarchy in the country.Just kick him out and things will start imporving. \\\\\\\\\\\ _____ Mr Sonawane's murder has shocked people across India Indian official Sonawane's murder prompts mass protest \\\\\\\\\ 27 January 2011 Last updated at 06:59 ET \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ Hundreds of thousands of government workers in India are protesting against the brutal killing of an official in the western state of Maharashtra. \\\\\\\\\ Yashwant Sonawane was burnt to death while investigating a fuel racket. Nine people have been arrested in connection with Tuesday's murder which has shocked people across India. \\\\\\\\ Mr Sonawane's death is being blamed by the government on the so-called fuel mafia - criminals who steal petrol and mix it with kerosene before selling it. State police are now carrying out raids on groups suspected of being involved in the activity. \\\\\\\ Hundreds of thousands of government officials in Maharashtra are refusing to work in protest at the killing. \\\\\\ They held a meeting in the state capital, Mumbai (Bombay), to mourn Mr Sonawane and demanded that they be given adequate protection while carrying out their duties. \\\\\\\ "We will attend office but not work," GD Kulthe, secretary of the Maharashtra Gazetted Officers Mahasangh, told the BBC. \\\\\\ "We are going to present a memorandum demanding strict action against all involved and better protection for government officers." \\\\\\\\\\ Mr Sonawane had apparently tried to prevent a criminal gang from stealing fuel on the Nashik-Manmad highway some 200km (124 miles) from Mumbai, when he was attacked and burnt alive after being doused by kerosene. \\\\\\\\\\ The killing has drawn people's attention to the issue of corruption, which has been a major concern in the country in recent months after a series of scams, says the BBC's Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi. \\\\\\\\\\\ Government officials have downed tools to demand better protection \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hang every one publicly those found indulging in corruption and supporting corruption or have failed in their custodial capacity to check/expose corruption; whether it is Prime Minister, Chief Minister, State or Central Minister, Defense personals, state or centeral bureaucrats, industrialist or businessmen. This is the only way India can tackle corruption because corruption has become part of the blood of a minority of Indians stealing from the majority who are poor and numbers more than 800 mil. living a miserable life under most inhuman conditions. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000