"Godse does not command the respect of India, Gandhi does".

Date: 29 Jan 2011


Please see last line below, "Godse does not command the respect of India, Gandhi does". Why so? \\\\\\\\ Why is the world upside down in Bharat? Why DYNASTIC rule is regarded DEMOCRATIC rule in Broken Bharat? Why the PRIME MINISTER is seen trailing behind an ex maid (au pair) from England who was born in Italy and is neither Hindu nor Indian? \\\\\\\\\\\\ The reason? VAST RULING AND FOOLING ESTABLISHMENT of the ENSLAVED BHARAT WAS CONTROLLED & OVERSEEN BY TRAITOR NEHRU who surrendered five provinces without demanding referendum. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In India under the boot of Dynasty & Islam, even BOFORS CHOR, "Mr Clean", commanded more respect than Netaji Bose who fell foul of Nehru. \\\\\\\\\ In Egypt until last week President Mubarak commanded great respect but today people are abusing him. \\\\\\\\ Had the Indians been blessed with the guts, courage and the AWARENESS OF HISTORY like the Europeans and the Americans, all the statues of Gandhi would have been replaced by those of GODSE. \\\\\\\\\\ At one time MUSSOLINI in Italy, too, had the same following of "sheep" like Gandhi. But after the PEOPLE sorted him out, there is not one statue of Mussolini to be seen anywhere in Italy. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========= \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We did not get to read why Godse killed Gandhi in our history books in school days.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The article at http://www.rediff.com/news/2001/jan/30arvind.htm is a great eye opener.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Internet is a great eye opener and hence the Indian news media has utter contempt for the 'internet hindus'. \\\\\\\\\ In some ways, it is not about who commands respect. It is neither a total tilt towards Gandhi nor Godse. It is also not about downplaying the role of MKG/JN. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslim appeasement actions of Nehru and Gandhi have their repurcussions even now and will likely continue for more generations. Whether India will retain its old ethos and culture ( the larger Hindu roots ) is something only time will tell. \\\\\\\\\\ The lack of understanding of history has an impact on lack of interest to study about Islamic terrorism (or) vice versa. The result is India is bleeding and our govt does not care. \\\\\\\\\\\ The larger Hindu community in India needs to understand this impact and elect govts which will act strongly and swiftly in India's strategic interests without kow-towing to anyone against terrorists. \\\\\\\\\\ Whether BJP will provide this leadership is now a question mark. \\\\\\\\\\ ---\\\\\\\\\\\ > > To quote Tarun Vijay "Godse does not command the respect of India, Gandhi does". 000000000