Date: 29 Jan 2011


BRITAIN UNDER ATTACK NOT JUST BRITAIN BUT THE WHOLE WORLD IS UNDER ATTACK BY THE CANCER OF THE HUMAN RACE, I.E., ISLAAM, QURAN AND THE OVERSIZED FAMILIES.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BRITAIN IS UNDER ATTACK. This scene is not fiction but the REALITY in a country where the leaders go "politically correct", dare not look at the hostile ONSLAUGHT building up before our very eyes and then do nothing in order to save their lives, homes and daughters from the enraged Muslim mobs, and jobs from the scared employers. \\\\\\\\\\\ Under this seizure through cowardice even the Britons, once empire builders, are now thinking of their future along side, and eventually UNDER the intolerant, separatist and savage Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\\ We need to give this clip WIDEST publicity including among Hindus/Sikh leaders in Bharat where they are going to sing "Ishwar Allah tero naam" in a couple of days (Tees January!). \\\\\\\\\\\ The cowards back home are making sure that soon Lahore and Delhi go under ONE flag and Hindus & Sikhs VANISH from LAND as in Constitution (Vidhan).\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000