Date: 31 Jan 2011


WHAT IF THE GOVERNMENT ARE CORRUPT AND IMMORAL “DOGS & BITCHES”? WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY CANNOT BE OVERTHROWN? \\\\\\\\\\WHAT HAPPENS IF THE RULING DYNASTY BECOME RULING DICTATORSHIP AND WILL FIGHT TILL END BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE AND POWER?\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT HAPPENS IF THE PEOPLE ARE BORN SLAVES AND ARE DETERMINED TO LIVE AND DIE SLAVES? WHAT HAPPENS IF THE PEOPLE NEVER SAW SOVEREIGNTY OR DIGNITY OR HELD POWER IN THIER OWN HANDS FOR THE LAST THOUSAND YEARS? WHAT HAPPENS IF THE SAME POLITICAL PARTY COMES TO POWER BY HOOK OR CROOK, BY INTIMIDATION AND THROUGH ENFORCED IGNORANCE AND FEAR AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHO IN THAT CASE IS THE HIGHER POWER TO PUNISH, REPLACE OR REFORM THE SYSTEM? THE ARMED FORCES. BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF THE MEN IN UNIFORM, TOO, ARE CORRUPT OR COWARDS? THEN THE COUNTRY IS DOOMED AND CAN LOOK FORWARD TO MORE PLUNDER AND IMPOVERISHEMNT, MORE CHAOS AND DISORDER TILL CIVIL WAR BREAKS OUT AND THERE ARE UNCONTROLLABLE MASSACRES JUST LIKE 1947 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Liechtenstein is ready to help India in recovering black money, but India is not moving at all. Congress Party leaders are all involved in the scam and money deposited. These corrupt looters have to stall it as much as possible. http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/black-money-trail-liechtenstein-says-onus-on-india-82453 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IRS Tax Debt Relief – Owe $15,000+ to the IRS? Solve your IRS debt & be debt free.\\\\\\\\\\\ FreedomTaxRelief.com \\\\\\\\ Liechtenstein: As pressure mounts on the Indian government to crack down on black money, Liechtenstein has said that it has already been helping India. \\\\\\\\ Tucked away between Austria and Switzerland, in the mountains, the tiny municipality of Liechtenstein was considered one of the most uncooperative tax havens in the world. But giving in to the international pressure, it agreed in 2009 to sign tax treaties which would allow countries to trace their black money in Liechtenstein accounts. \\\\\\\\\\ Even the Opposition in Liechtenstein's 24-member Parliament that had been fighting for shift in policy says things have changed now. But now they say the onus is on India to negotiate a tax treaty quickly. \\\\\\\ "We have done our job in Liechtenstein, we have changed the laws. Now the Indians have to come and solve their problem," said Dr Pepo Frick, MP, Liechtenstein Opposition leader. \\\\\\\\\\ The Indian government has said that it has initiated the process of negotiating treaties with more than 65 countries. But experts say India will still face problems getting information as these treaties are not based on the European model which allows for more automatic exchange of information. These treaties will instead ask India to give details such as names, account numbers and bank names beforehand which are extremely hard to get. Such a condition will create a huge leeway for tax havens to simply not cooperate even if tax treaties are signed. \\\\\\\\ "Bilateral treaties tend to be negotiated under the OECD standard which is a very weak standard indeed. So when you see agreements like this being signed, it's a very incremental step, it's better than nothing but it's very small and very limited," said Nicholas Shaxton, Adivsor, Tax Justice Network. \\\\\\\\\\ India is yet to start negotiating a treaty with Liechtenstein, but whether scores of other treaties that it is negotiating with the country will lead to easier access to information and the black money coming back to the country, is yet to be seen. \\\\\\\\\\ Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/black-money-trail-liechtenstein-says-onus-on-india-82453?cp 000000000