Date: 31 Jan 2011


MENACING DARK CLOUDS OF VIOLENCE \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Fatwa against Theresa May ----------------------------- \\\\\\\ 2. Raising Awareness Of Brits\\\\\\\ 3.\\\\\\\\\\ All this means is that BRITAIN is under attack. Before the violent onslaught the enemy is demoralising us. \\\\\\\\\ These are the tactics of great strategic thinkers and military commanders, i.e., "SOFTEN UP THE TARGET" and then "OPEN UP WITH ALL GUNS."\\\\\\\\\ God help a self-assured complacent "sleeping nation" that has yet to even imagine "hand to hand fighting" on their own turf!\\\\\\\\ Islam is nothing but a WARRING IDEOLOGY. It has waged war against the rest of humanity for 1400 years. It has wiped out 52 free countries and forcibly "converted" them to ISLAMIC Republics including the one at the "bloody cost" of India in 1947. It is now desperate to add more "virgin" Infidel lands to those 52 already under Sharia.\\\\\ We must give them some credit for good planning and even better execution. At the same time we must raise the awareness of our own fellow citizens. \ \\\\\\\ 28 Jan 11. 000000000