Date: 02 Feb 2011


SAFFRON PATRIOTISM \\\\\\\ SADHU PROF. V. RANGARAJAN \\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ Website: sribharatamatamandir.org) \\\\\\\\\\\ Bharat—the Mother of All Religions \\\\\\\\\\\\ Long before the dawn of civilizations in other parts of the world, the Vedic sages and seers of Bharatavarsha evolved a scientific, universal and eternal way of life, Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Dharma, which spread to distant continents. The rishis discovered that the source of all creation is a nameless, formless Supreme Being--Parama Purusha--whose Energy or Power manifests as the entire universe. Modern science agrees with the truth that the entire creation is manifestation of Consciousness or Consciousness - Force as Sri Aurobindo rightly calls. Sun, the source of material world and all forms of life was adored as Savitru -- the stimulator or one who vivifies--and His power, as Gayatri--that which protects those who live in tune with Nature. Sun, without which life is impossible, was symbolically represented in the Fire--Agni--and adoration of Fire-- Agnihotra -- came into existence. In Persia the Vedic worship of Agni created a religion called Zoroastrianism with its scripture, Zend Avesta, full of hymns borrowed from the Vedas. This Vedic religion of nature worship spread to Arab countries where the Sun God, Ravi, the One with the Fierce Force, became Ra--the Arabic Sun God. In Bharat, the sun which is nothing but a fierce form of energy--Aruna-- which transformed into matter-- the earth or the mountain-- Achala-- is worshipped as Arunaachaleswara--the Supreme God who transformed into material universe. After the advent of Islam in Arabia, the fierce God--Rudra Shiva--who was worshipped by early Arabs in the Kaba--the Holy Shrine of Kapaleeswara or Makka Maheswara--became the stone which is adored with perambulation in the Hindu style, even today, by Muslims from all over the world visiting Mecca. The power of the Ultimate Reality, viz. the Shakti or Kanya Kumari, the ever virgin mother nature, became the Mother Goddess, Umma or Ummi (derived from Sanskrit name Uma) flanked by two lions and worshipped in Babylonia, Greece and Crete and later became the Virgin Mary of Christianity. The Brahman meaning that which is spread everywhere or the Ultimate Reality or father of all creation became Abraham and Ibrahim in Semitic religions. Thus the concepts that arose in the Vedic spiritual culture of Bharata were accepted and adopted by all religions all over the world and Mother Bhaarat became the "mother of all religions" as Swami Vivekananda called Her. She became the abode of universal religion and human brotherhood. ( Jesus came to India at the age of fourteen and stayed for fifteen years, sitting at the feet of great Vaishnavite, Shaivite and Tantric masters at places like Rajgir and Varanai and practised Tantric Buddhism at Hemphis Gupha in Tibet. When he returned to Jerusalem to preach what he had learnt in India, he was put on the cross by the Romans, but he was saved by Mother Mary and Mary of Magdalene with the help of Eesanath Panthis (Essenes) and Theraputta Buddhists (Therauputs) and secretly brought to India. He settled down in Kashmir Valley and attained Mahasamadhi there. His Samadhi even today exists by the side of the Rose Bal Lake in Kashmir.) \\\\\\\\\\\ Violence and Bloodshed—the Characteristic Marks of Semitic Religions \\\\\\\\\\ However, the Roman Christians misappropriated the name of Jesus and produced a demonic religion called Christianity which came into existence during the period of King Constantine, four hundred years after the death of Jesus the Christ. Christianity attempted to wipe out the Jews and was at loggerheads with Islam which came into existence later. The Crusades were waged and millions of people perished in the wars. The Semitic religions under the control of fanatic and fundamentalist bigots unleashed reins of terror destroying human societies that pursued any path other than that preached by Christianity or Islam. Christianity wiped out Pagan religions which arose out of the concept of nature worship propagated by the Vedas in Europe, Australia and America. Islam, an Arab Nationalist Movement, was started by Mohammad who wanted to establish the rule of Qureshi tribe all over the Arab country and proclaimed himself as the Messenger of Allah, the only God, and waged war against all those who did not accept him as the sole representative of God. Later, Islam also went out on a spree destroying all those who did not accept Prophet Mohammad and Allah, condemning the non-believers as Kafirs. Islam spread to Persia and wiped out the religion there and later invaded India. Hundreds of temples in India were destroyed, Hindus were killed mercilessly and Hindu women were raped and children butchered in Jihad or holy war in the name of Allah. \\\\\\\\\\\ Scheme to Disintegrate the Hindu Nation \\\\\\\\\\\\ Centuries later, the converted Muslims were induced to carve out a separate Islamic Nation called Pakistan out of Bhaarat and today attempts are made to usurp even the crown of Bharat, Kashmir, and annex it to Pakistan. The militant Muslims in Kashmir who are supported by Pakistan will not allow even the hoisting of the Indian National Flag in the Indian territory of Jammu-Kashmir and the so called secular leaders of India are prepared to compromise with the militants in denigrating the National Flag.. To destroy the Hindu nation further, Jihadi terrorist movements are encouraged in every nook and corner of the country. The Christian forces are also not lagging behind in the destruction of the Hindu Nation. Billions of rupees are flowing into the country through Christian proselytizing institutions from abroad to convert the poor and gullible people in the country into Christianity so that they could be encouraged to disintegrate the Indian nation and carve out a Christianistan in Indian territory. Christian countries make use of their scholars, universities and academic bodies to propagate an untruth that India has never been a nation. They have created the myth of Aryan and Dravidian races, the Aryan invaders conquering India and subjugating the Dravidian inhabitants, and also the theories that tribes in India like the Gonds are not Hindus. The militant forces in the North East of the country get direct support and encouragement from the Evangelical institutions in the west and from the World Christian Council to disintegrate and destroy India. Thus, mistaking the spirit of tolerance of the Hindu race to be its weakness, the rapacious onslaught on the Hindu nation by the Islamic fundamentalists and Christian fanatics still continues. Stooges of colonial powers are today at the helm of administration of Bharat, holding the country to ransom by systematically looting the wealth of the nation and hoarding it clandestinely in Swiss Banks and away from our Motherland. Some of the selfish and power hungry politicians among the Hindus, in whose blood there could be the mix up of the blood of the bastards produced by Islamic and Christian invasions of the land, claim themselves to be secular and lick the boots of the stooges of alien forces to claim a share in the loot of the country. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Attempts to Tarnish Image of Hindu Nationalists \\\\\\\\\\\ After the Independence, the westernized political leaders of the country who came into power started a process of systematically destroying all the ethos of Hindu Nationalism from the face of the most ancient nation of the world. When nationalist forces in the country get awakened and try to raise their head, they are condemned as Hindu communalism to scare away the gullible Hindu population and the religious and spiritual leaders. The so called ‘secularists’ ruling the country, in order to keep themselves in power perpetually, have adopted a policy of appeasement of Muslims and Christians to win over their vote banks. When Islamic terrorists, supported by Pan-Islamic movements from outside the country, explode bombs inside the country and attack even the Parliament House and kill innocent people they are shielded with the claim that their acts are just reaction to the demolition of a non-existing Babri Mosque in Ayodhya and military action against the militants in Jammu and Kashmir. Talks are held with Christian militants in North East to arrive at a compromise with them. At the same time any talk of Hindu Nationalism is branded as communalism and any sadhu or sannyasi who comes forward to speak for the Hindu nationalist forces, expose the anti-national forces and save the Hindu society, is painted as saffron terrorist, rounded up and tortured. Dr. Subramaniam Swami, President of the Janata Party, has exposed the game plan of the Christian Missionaries in the accusation against Swami Aseemanand: “The accusation against Swami Aseemananda, alleged in the CBI’s FIR that he was the terrorist who organized the attack on Samjhauta Express, and on Malegaon & Hyderabad masjids, as well as other places, is getting to be absurd and inconsistent because it conflicts with the findings of other agencies at the international level. The US Department of Treasury earlier had imposed sanctions on the LeT because of the organization’s involvement in the terrorist attack on the Samjhauta Express holding that four of its members had carried out these attacks. In a communication to the ‘1267 Committee’ of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the US Department of Treasury stated that the designated individual members of the LeT had not only carried out these terrorist attacks of train bombings in India, but also provided support to Al-Qaida in its nefarious activities. The UN Security Council 1267 Committee also issued a press release on June 29, 2008 stating that in the February 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing in Panipat, these persons were financed and helped by Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious gangster and proclaimed offender. The CBI too had registered a FIR, and had extracted a confession from a LeT operator by name Safdar Nagori, who owned responsibility for these attacks. What is the UPA Government explanation for these blatant contradictions? Well placed persons in Gujarat have informed me that Swami Aseemananda had been working amongst tribals and was very popular in Dangs district. His help to tribals made it hard for foreign Christian missionaries to carry out money-induced religious conversion of tribals in this district.” Subramaniam Swami has also appealed to the Prime Minister of India to probe into the connection of Sonia Gandhi with the Italian Missionaries and her efforts to withdraw the orders issued by various state governments to foreign missionaries doing proselytizing work in India to leave the country. \\\\\\\\\\ Saffron—the Colour of Patriotism and Sacrifice \\\\\\\\\\\ Since times immemorial, saffron is associated with Bharatiya or Hindu Nationalism. All the kings and emperors from the most ancient period of history of this holy land had their flags in saffron. They were guided by the noblest preceptors, sadhus and sannyasins of the land. Vishnugupta Chanakya guided Chandragupta Maurya to resist the onslaught of the Greek invaders and build a powerful Hindu empire. Samartha Ramdas gave the ochre flag to Chhatrapati Shivaji and guided him to destroy the Muslim aggressors and re-establish the Hindu Pad Padshahi. In the south, Vidyaranya of Sringeri Peetha guided Harihara and Bukka to build the mighty Vijayanagara Empire. During the freedom struggle, Sister Nivedita made the children of her school design an ochre flag with the symbol of Vajrayudha inscribed on it with the slogans, “Vande Mataram” and “Yato Dharmastatho jayah” and presented it as the National Flag of India in the Congress Session at Benares in 1905. The saffron is the colour of patriotism and self-sacrifice. By dubbing Hindu sannyasins and nationalists as “Saffron Terrorists”, the treacherous and selfish stooges of European masters licking today the boot of an Italian mistress cannot extinguish the raging fire of Hindu nationalism which has now captured the hearts of billions of Hindu youth all over the country and abroad. The game plan of the anti-Indian forces and their stooges within the country will not continue for long. Bengal saw a Sannyasi Rebellion in 1773 in which the ochre robed sadhus took up arms and fought against the Navabs and the British colonialists and their saga is presented in the inspiring historical novel, 'Ananda Math', by Bankim Chandra Chatterji who incorporated his immortal song, Vande Mataram, in the novel. The First War of Indian Independence saw the role of Sannyasins like Swami Purnanand of Kankal, Hardwar, Swami Virajanand and Swami Dayanand, founder of Arya Samaj. The later revolutionary movements in Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra and other parts of the country got inspiration from patriot saints like Swami Vivekananda who moulded his powerful shaft in India's freedom struggle--Sister Nivedita--and produced nationalist spiritual leaders like Sri Aurobindo, Brahmabandhav Upadhyaya, Swami Shraddhanand and Subramania Sivam. Tapasvins like Vasishtha Ganapathi Muni, Satyadev Maharaj, Motilal Roy and Sadguru Omkar invoked the Bharatashakti for the liberation of the Motherland. The talk of saffron terrorism will not scare away patriotic Hindu spiritual leaders from playing their role in saving the Hindu nation from anti-national politicians in the garb of secularists and from the Christian and Islamic fanatics and fundamentalists inside and outside the country. The time that these anti-national forces are wiped out and Hindu Rashtra re-established in Akhand Bharat is not far. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Founding of the RSS \\\\\\\\\\\\ During the period of India’s Freedom Struggle, Dr. Keshav Baliarm Hedgewar, who was in Calcutta to pursue his medical studies, joined the Yugantar Movement of young revolutionaries fighting against the British rule. However, it did not take much time for him to realize that the freedom of the country could not be achieved simply by a few valiant and courageous youth taking to violence, throwing bombs, attacking the police stations and looting the treasuries of the British Government and it will only result in the vain sacrifice of the precious lives of the patriotic youth perishing like moths flying into fire. He then got involved in the Satyagraha movement of the Congress, but with his deep foresight saw that the Muslim appeasement policy of the Congress led by Gandhi by supporting the Khilafat Movement had already promoted the feeling among the Muslim converts in India that their political head was the Khalif of Turkey, that India had been an Islamic State before being conquered by the white race, and that, after Independence, the Muslims in India cannot get on with the majority of the Hindus and will have to vivisect the country. Therefore he founded the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to arouse the sleeping Hindus and awaken them to the fact that Bharatavarsha has always been an Akhand Bharat and adoration and worship of the Motherland must once again become the heart throb of every patriotic Hindu. He also evolved a system of daily congregation of the youth under the banner of the Saffron Flag—Parama Pavitra Bhagava Dwaj— where they will train up themselves as dedicated servants of the Motherland and carry the ideal of Akhand Bharat and Hindu Rashtra to every nook and corner of the country. The Sangh, which had a humble beginning in Nagpur on the Vijayadashami Day in 1925, grew in leaps and bounds due to the self-sacrifice of the Karyakarthas produced by Dr. Hedgewar and spread its wings to other provinces of the country. When Shyam Sundar Chakravarty, a former colleague of Dr. Hedgewar in the revolutionary movement came to seek the support of RSS for revolutionary activities, Doctorji made it clear to him that the RSS wanted not merely the independence of the country, but the building up of a powerful Hindu Nation and his plan of action was to achieve that highest goal. Doctorji never valued less the sacrifice of the revolutionaries and he even provided shelter to Rajguru, the colleague of Bhagat Singh who was hunted by the British police. However, he never wanted the Swayamsevaks to jump into the revolutionary movement and take to violence, destroying themselves in the conflagration. He wanted the Swayamsevaks to prepare themselves to the task of instilling in the entire Hindu society the spirit of patriotism, discipline and self-sacrifice in order to achieve their ultimate goal of Hindu Rashtra. Even Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose came to Nagpur and called on Dr. Hedgewar, but he could not hold any conversation with Doctorji as the later was in his death bed. Netaji then met Veer Savarkar at Mumbai and on the latter’s advice, left the country to organize the Indian National Army with the help of the Germans and Japanese. Even after the fall of Germans and Japanese in the war front and the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhas, the brave soldiers of the INA created revolt in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force and forced the British to leave India. Though the country attained Independence, the work of the Sangh has still been continuing with the goal of establishing Hindu Rashtra once again on the soil of Bharatavarsha. It is in order to thwart this great goal of the Sangh and keep the country under the control of the alien forces that attempts are being made to malign the Sangh as a ‘Hindu’ or ‘Saffron’ terrorist outfit according to the adage, “Give the dog a bad name and kill it”. However, the opponents of Hindu Nationalism will soon realize that Sangh is not a helpless dog to be so easily killed but the mighty and valorous lion, the king of the forest. Today millions of Karyakartas of the Sangh are spread all over the country and even abroad among the Hindu Diaspora and to dream of the extinction the Sangh is like dreaming of the drying up of ocean. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Appeal to Sadhus and Sannyasins \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the Arjuna Vishada Yoga, the first chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna leading the Pandava army stands facing the Kauravas in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Seeing his own grandsire, Bheeshma, and preceptor, Drona, and his cousins arrayed against him, for a moment he becomes confused and confounded, drops his Gandiva bow from his hand and refuses to fight against his own kith and kin. In the very opening words from the mouth of Lord Krishna in the next chapter, Sankhya Yoga, the Lord lambastes Arjuna: “Whence is this perilous strait come upon thee, this dejection, which is unworthy of thee, disgraceful, and which will close the gates of heaven upon thee, O Arjuna? Yield not to impotence, O Arjuna, son of Pritha! It does not befit thee. Cast off this mean weakness of the heart. Stand up, O scorcher of foes!” It is this message that the Sadhus and Sannyasins of the present day have to deliver to the Hindu society in this period of crisis. If they themselves get scared by the veiled threats of the so called secularists, agents of alien forces, sitting in the echelons of power in the country, and in order to protect themselves and their religious institutions remain mute spectators of all the atrocities committed on the Hindu society, they are unworthy of the ochre robe that they have wound around themselves. All their preaching of dharma, religious harmony and universal brotherhood become sham non-sense like the preaching of Ahimsa by a spineless coward. When their own brethren who belong to the order of sannyasins are threatened by people in power, the sadhus and sannyasins should not run away and seek shelter for themselves in their cozy and comfortable Ashrams and Mutts. It is time for them to come out and, true to the vow of Sannyasa that they have taken, be fearless, stand united and fight for the protection of their Dharma. They must remind themselves of the message of the Gita, “Yadyataacharati shreshthah, tattadevetaro janaah; sa yat pramaanam kurute, lokastadanuvartate”—“Whatever the men who are considered noble practise, the same is followed by the common run; that which they make authoritative, the world accepts.” It is the duty of the sadhus and sannyasins to come out boldly and guide the Hindu society in the task of protecting the Hindu nation and society. Posterity will never forgive them if they fail in their duty today and they will stand exposed before the society and the world. The Upanishadic call, “Utthishthata, jaagrata, praapya varaannibodhata”—“Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is reached” is meant for them and this should echo and re-echo from their bosom awakening the entire Hindu society to achieve the goal of Hindu Rashtra and Akhand Bharat. Vande Mataram! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Corrupt people get elected we Hindus should think for a while about the election victories of anti Hindu leaders like Digvijay Singh , Mulayam, Mayavathi, Karunanidhi & other pro minority leaders.We Hindus have voted them ! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ All the minorities & their Hindu promoters have adopted a constant BJP bashing attitude for the party 's pro Hindu stance. It is time to forget the minor mistakes of the party to throw out UPA, the enemy of Hindus. 000000000