Date: 03 Feb 2011


In a message dated 03/02/2011 23:50:05 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXX.com writes: Finance Minister Mukherjee has taken himself for granted and he thinks he can talk any thing and that will be accepted by Indian public.He thinks he is the only smart and knowledgeable person in country.Since last 2 years he and Ahluwalia have been lieng and assuring every 100 days that in next 100 days prices will be controlled.Brainlessly he has been taxing the economy and wasting money.He has shown no interest in controlling black money and corruption and bringing back money in Swiss accounts.What FM he is? In fact people like Singh,Mukherjee and Ahluwalia are casual,having superficial knowledge and lack pride and National character. \\\\\\\\ Coming back to Indian share bazar Mukherjee has been talking out of his hat and loosely on assumption that whatever crap he would talk will pass off as expertise.He said due to FII exit share markets went down.Mr Mukherjee should have done the homework first before making any wild remarks.This shows how serious these old and outdated men are. It is surprising that 120 crore population cant find 10 younger and sensible fresh guys to run this country.\\\\\\\\\ See what UPA is -Sonia an Italian housewife and semi educated women having accusations of amassing wealth abroad directly and through her sisters.MM Singh a retired bureaucrat and fraudulent paper degree carrying expert who has failed miserably and who cant even talk with energy and air in lungs.Mukherjee old decrepit man who is confused all the time and thinks he knows everything as he played the ball for long time.Ahluwalia who does not flinch lying on national TV and tries to pass of his paper degrees as expertise and twisted accent he tries to imitate British Americans.Mamta Banerjee who runs government from Kolkata.Raja a spoiled child of alliance politics now in jail.... Today there was business of only 11500 crore in cash on NSE- a low figure still the index went up by 2% .How? I have been alleging all kinds of fraudulent experts and companies having gala time looting the markets and that is what SEBI has now announced.By circular trading the markets are brought down and up fooling common investors.SEBI has started now enquiry in this. \\\\\\\\\\ India shares bazaar is third rate market with low technology and regulations and can be called 'chor bazar' like other markets of Indian economy.Corruption,cheating,fraud and mismanagement is typical Indian style yet we daily tweet Super power slogans. \\\\\\\\ From 1-1-10 to 3-2-11 or till today FIIs have invested net sum of Rs 7286 crores in NSE trading and in last 15 days they have withdrawn only Rs 6200 crores.From same period from 1-1-10 FII and DII combined have actually invested Rs 38254 crores in NSE trade itself.And from 1st January till today both FII and DII combined have withdrawn only Rs 3000 crores. The problem of FIis is actually that they are not able to withdraw money and keep prices high at same time. \\\\\\\\\\ Hence the statement of FM that FII withdrawal has led markets to fall is highly irresponsible,misleading and casual statement and shows how he takes governance and people of India cheaply and casually. If this is the way FM of country thinks and studies what improvements he can do in country.Nothing.The results are for every one to see.All these old men put together have screwed up Indian Economy and made mess of it.Rampant price rise,corruption,unaccountability of public servants was never so bad .This is third rate ,corrupt and irresponsible and incompetent government run by idiots.Nothing else one can conclude. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mukherjee should seriously study why markets are falling and why prices in India are going up.Because he is running a corrupt and brainless government.Stooges of capitalists and western powers. Indian companies and markets have no depth ,have no technology and are professionally poor.Greed and profiteering is their mantra.Every 15 days companis are raising prices in ma eo frefroms and liberalisation.There is no check.Liberalisation slogans are sung to fool people.MM singh is desperate to make entry of foreign retailers in multi brand stores.His loyalty to western masters is unflinching.It is height of shamelessness. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Due too high inflation and mismanagement in country and rising poverty investors are not at all confident. Secondly share markets are in hand of chor operators who are manipulating prices at will and there is no check. It is time Singh and Mukherjee come out of their arrogance and dishonesty to indian people and stop acting over clever. \\\\\\\\\\\\ www.indiaforce.org Note: \\\\\\\\\\\\ SEBI has already warned about almost 1500 shady companies. Even today indian stock markets are overly priced and shady.Most of third rate Indian companies don't merit so high valuations.India cant grow in isolation on its own as is being made out by gradulent exprts and media.India heavily depends on exports and imports and technology to run the chinmeys of factories amd the automobiles hwich are being produced recklesly and shamlesly in the coutnry despite having no place to drive and park and no fuel available in country ( only 7 years oil reservoir we have). India needs more of agriculture than manufacturing.\\\\\\\\\ Investors should keep away from these markets till nifty falls to 4800-5000 levels.In fact it should be pulled down by all people together. 000000000