Date: 05 Feb 2011


MUSLIM WORLD IS DOOMED. \\\\\\\\\\ Their young go to America and England and see SECULARISM, FREEDOM (OF SPEECH AND TO MOVE & DANCE WITH GIRLS) & DEMOCRACY working. \\\\\\\\\\ They "lick" the foot of foreign women but regularly beat or burn their own at home. They see order in Non-Muslim societies and the cars do stop when traffic lights are red. \\\\\\\\\ They come back to their lands of origin and are SHOCKED at the society that is moored in 7th century AD when the price of one camel in the Arabian desert was 100 women. \\\\\\\\\ They see a MAN in charge, the Dictator, or a Dynasty, that clings to power, neglecting all else. Education is BRAINWASHING that is confined to KORAN & SHARIA, and the accounts of invasions and conquests, conversions & abductions at the point of sword, and thorough ethnic cleansing of the Non-Muslims. There is no manufacturing industry that calls for technical skills, discipline and organisation. \\\\\\\\\\ The MAN with land, cattle and women is the "Wadera", "Jagirdar", "Sardar" or the Chief. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Masses of suffering people are finally forced to express their frustrations in streets and open squares. (Teheran in 1979, "Long March" in Pakistan in order to remove General Musharraf and now in Egypt to remove Hosni Mubarak). \\\\\\\\\\ Shedding blood and getting badly beaten they manage at last to topple the government provided they turn out in sufficient numbers and get the cameras focused on them. \\\\\\\\\\\ A new MOHAMMED is chosen who promises paradise on earth. But they keep the same MACHO hierarchy and the SAME KORAN, the SAME "Word of warrior Mohammed", that they call the "Word of merciful Allah". \\\\\\\\\\\ Again things slide back to what they were before it all began. Again the birth of MUJAHIDEEN, HIZBU TAHRIR, AL QAIDA and the TALIBAN, and again the stoning to death of women, amputation of limbs and the ban on films, TV and cassette players. \\\\\\\\\ Ayatollahs, Imams, Maulanas and Maulvis move into regal mansions and are seen in limousines in streets with escort. On Fridays they "charge" the people with the Spirit of Jihad" while rousing the citizens to convert the world, chase the Hindus ("Indian dogs") out of Kashmir and destroy Israel. \\\\\\\\ Again the masses get fed up, again they slide into anarchy, again they gather in streets, again the slogans, stone throwing, bullets and fire bombs and again the REVOLUTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But after the dust settles down, again the same Koran, the same Imam, the same Mohammed, the same Sharia, the same Constitution and again the seed of a new UPRISING is sown.\\\\\\\\\ The ISLAMIC civilization and governments have come round a full circle. \\\\\\\\\\\ Will the next one in the firing line be IRAN or JORDAN, PAKSITAN or even PARTITIONED INDIA that could not get rid of her MUSLIMS? \\\\\\\\\\\\ We cannot tell that but one thing we can say with certainty: Each and every Islamic republic is moving irrevocably along the orbit of "Rule of Gun, One dictator, One Mohammed, One Sharia Law, One KORAN, mounting frustration, rising unemployment, deepening poverty, over reproduction, over population, over frustration, agitation and REVOLUTION"- and again ONE MOHAMMED on top.\\\\\\\\ 000000000