Date: 05 Feb 2011


Many Hindus no longer value freedom enough to make any effort to understand the corrupt congress dynasty headed by the uneducated Italian Mafia lady Sonia Maino or any political action. If the majority choose not to clearly think and act, they choose to submit to the dynasty. If the majority choose to be apathetic, indifferent and passive and make no effort to understand the criminal behavior of our political leaders, their looting, immoral and corrupt acts, then they have chosen to be victims. They prefer to love their slave masters and lick their boots that trample on them. If the majority choose to ignore past abuses and present corrupt practices they sacrifice their life to the next dynasty to continue their abuse behavior. \\\\\\\\\\\ We have to retake our country, our liberty for us and for the children yet to be born. Even if we suffer any inconvenience for voicing our protest against the dynasty, we should not tolerate or applaud the corrupt dynastic rule. The anti Hindu, anti national congress rule and the Italian mafia rule is a reminder to Hindus to initiate a strong social revolution for a great leap forward. we are justified in using all means necessary to overthrow the corrupt, often oppressive, chronically inept and frequently deceptive, jihadi appeasing dynastic government. It is time for Hindus with higher grade patriotism to start a strong social revolution to preserve our culture, protect our democracy and promote our liberty. Jai Ho ========================= 000000000