Date: 06 Feb 2011


TELL KASHMIRIS THE TRUTH! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ DEAR KASHMIRI MUSLIMS, \\\\\\\\The TRUTH is that you cannot leave India like those treacherous Indian Muslims in 1947. Top Indian leaders, Hindus and Muslims alike, committed HIGH TREASON against their own Land of Birth and the punishment of High Treason is EXECUTION BY FIRING SQUAD. \\\\\\\\\\\ So, why wasn't this punishment meted out to the traitors? Because the British rulers were the main movers of that tragedy and it was not possible to hang the Viceroy or execute NEHRU and JINNAH, the two main collaborators and criminals. \\\\\\\\\\\ But now times are different. India is a sovereign country, though mutilated and limp, yet with own Parliament and Law enforcement bodies such as the police and the army. \\\\\\\\\\\ The days of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER are over. The nation, though sheepish, and the media though cautious, but still there will be mighty uproar in Bharat if Kashmir was seen breaking away. This is also a WARNING to those lickspittle third class despicable stooges in Manmohan Singh's cabinet who faint seeing a drop of blood, and are toying with the idea of granting Kashmir Independence like East Bengal in 1947 and again in 1972. So much for commitment to Secularism by the ruling Dynasty and their Congress "swine". \\\\\\\\\\\ Next we must look at the INDIAN Muslims. In every respect they are the SAME who established Pakistan and got out in 1947. Taking advantage of SURPRISE they attacked SUDDENLY and managed to massacre millions and force out millions more. Hindu leaders, too stunned and shocked, could not RETALIATE nor THROW OUT THE LOT. Rest assured, this time it will be different. \\\\\\\\\\ India's Constitution is secular and does not see the citizens as Hindus or Muslims. There is ONE Law for all. The Muslim does not have a special chip on his shoulders. If he does not wish to live along side the Hindus then tough luck! \\\\\\\\\\They should not forget that Hindus, too, are forced to live among the Muslims in Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh and every other Islamic republic. They are not in revolt against the Muslim majority. Kashmiri Muslims must be TAUGHT (or forced) to accept the Non Muslims as their equals. Koran may be the top book in Saudi Arabia where it was written but in India we also have the Gita and Granth, perfectly divine. \\\\\\\\\\\ During the long British rule there were NO religious divisions in India that stretched SEAMLESSLY from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG. They did not want to leave India in one piece within those well established and internationally recognised frontiers, and they wanted to sow the seeds of discord for ever in order to supply arms and weapons to the fighting nations in the subsequent wars. \\\\\\\\\\ So, THINK, Kashmiri Muslims. You are INDIAN even if you shout, "Indian Dogs Go Home!" Now you, too, are "DOGS and PIGS" by your own philosophy. You will be kept in check and treated by stick and bullet if you misbehave. You will live in civil unrest and turmoil and die in demonstrations and agitations, creating widows and orphans by YOUR OWN DESIGN. \\\\\\\\How long MORE do you want your streets deserted, shops and schools closed and hospitals full of the wounded and the injured?\\\\\\\\\\\ In short, India cannot let you go like Sindh and East Bengal. Even America cannot pressurize India into letting you go in the name of Allah or Mohamed. Her own home grown MUSLIMS will take over a State and kill or force out all the Christians and move into their homes. ISN'T THAT WHAT THE MUSLIMS DID IN PAKISTAN?\\\\\\\\\\\ You will be told to live in multicultural and multi ethnic INDIA like the CHRISTIANS, the SIKHS, the BUDDHISTS and the ATHEISTS. You are NOT special just because you do not let the Hindus reconstruct SRI RAM TEMPLE in Ayodhya and fly your provocative flag over NANKANA SAHIB, LAHORE and MULTAN.\\\\\\\\\\\ Now that the HINDU NATION is wide awake even Pakistan is not keen to have you. They are STARVING now and cannot feed even the flood victims and all the unemployed millions there. How can they take on extra 120 MILLION INDIAN MUSLIMS who will be KICKED OUT as soon as Kashmir leaves India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India is not the British COOLIE COLONY any more or a "cowardly goat" to cow down before ISLAMIC bullies. She is an ancient land with strong morality and will know how to TEACH HER MUSLIMS, INCLUDING THE KASHMIRI MUSLIMS, a lesson. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7 Feb 2011. ======= 000000000