Date: 08 Feb 2011


8 FEB 11. AMALGAMATION OF SOUTH KASHMIR AND EAST PUNJAB. At the outset one must congratulate the leaders and thinkers who have given details of STATE SPONSORED "elimination" of Sikhs in West Punjab and the Hindus in South Kashmir, East Bengal and a dozen other states. This is what happens when an ignorant nation follows LEADERS who are in the pocket of the ENEMY but manage to convince everyone that they are patriots. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MK Gandhi, the appeaser, and Nehru, the traitor, were hell bent on giving as much of TERRITORY to the MUSLIMS as they could manage to SURRENDER. Even after that their minds did not turn to the NATIVES, i.e., HINDUS & SIKHS.\\\\\\\\\\\\ People of the world are neither blind nor ignorant. They see India FOOLING THEM by declaring, "KASHMIR is an integral part of India," yet they see the "Government of CONFUSION" (i.e., the Government of "ITALY, ISLAM & despicable HINDU STOOGE") doing exactly the OPPOSITE. \\\\\\\\\\ Article 370 that does not apply to any other State, is a slap in the face of ENSLAVED Hindu nation. So is the capital city of EAST Punjab placed OUT OF STATE, on UNION Territory. \\\\\\\\\\\ How correct are the KASHMIRI terrorists who shout "INDIAN DOGS go home"! They know that vide Article 370 the Indians are really DOGS who cannot buy an inch of land in Kashmir while the Kashmiris can buy lands and mansions in the rest of Bharat. \\\\\\\\ People who understood the "GRAND DESIGN" of NEHRU Dynasty and their "MONGREL" Congress Party, foresee further chaos and sectarian struggles & revolts that will be put down by force. Add to this is the LOOT & PLUNDER by the rulers themselves that is estimated to have cost the poor nation more than what all the INVADERS could take out of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Helplessly we saw India violently break up into fragments through man's design. And now we are seeing the noose around the HIDNDUS' NECK tightening. Muslim numbers in PARTITIONED India are increasing rapidly and the day is not far when it will again be "MUSLIM DAGGER" and the "HINDU'S NECK" in Delhi just as it was in LAHORE. RAWALPINDI and SRINAGAR. \\\\\\\\\\\ Given such a deeply entrenched formidable anti Hindu ruling set-up, the idea of amalgamating the FRAGMENT called "Punjab" (one fifth of the original province) and SOUTH KASHMIR is unique and ought to be pursued vigorously by all till accomplished. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Centre at New Delhi will oppose the idea tooth and nail since it BENEFITS two native communities. But think of East Pakistan and its prompt return to "MOHAMMED" since those MUSLIMS could not be served the POISON diet of lethal "Indian" secularism. \\\\\\\\\\\\ If this does not open the nation's eyes then nothing will- not even the Sword of ISLAM in the end. \\\\\\\\\\000000000