Date: 27 Feb 2011


On the Brink of War \\\\\\\\\\\ On The Brink of War Guy Leven Torres is well worth reading and it would be well worth understanding and taking notice of what he has to say. He has sent me a number of articles in the past which I have stored. I will contact him and ask if I can publish the articles on the site, if you are interested please let me know Chris. Dyer (Dizzie) 27th February 2011 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By Guy Leven torres \\\\\\\\\\\\ It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to see my predictions proven right. If as I believe the Imams are going to win across North Africa and the Near East, especially in Egypt, Saudi will go. Have you noticed how even the Chinese and Russians are nervous of the potential Monster our idiot appeasing politicians have unleashed, through their arrogant naivety and appeasement of the Moslem world? I have to warn you sadly that we are on the eve of war short of a miracle. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Many experts disagree with me but I follow my own counsel. The growth of Islamist expansion itself is a by- product of years of similar policy. During the Falklands invasion, I argued with others about the fact that war would ensue. I also argued against the prevailing feeling at the time of the first and last Gulf Wars. I simply knew in my own mind that we had unleashed a monster, that could devour us as the Perians devoured Lydia, after Croesus attacked Iran. The Oracle at Delphi warned him that if he attacked Persia. an empire would be destroyed. I am not a prophet, just a well read historian with plenty of common sense. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ I think I can imagine what kind of war it will be. The Moslems will unite for a while celebrating their Kaliphate and their version of freedom- to live totally under the Will of Allah. this means they accept no responsibility for themselves, all is 'Inshallah' the will of 'God'. I have tried in vain it seems to explain to all of you that Allah is actually a pagan Moon god. However, in the need to appease and not offend but also to be politically correct, I am ignored and so people will believe what they want to, or rather told to by the EU elite. I have taken heavy abuse from Christians, Moslems and secularists. Many of them will shortly go to their deaths simply ignorong the obvious truth, most still convinced that they are all white Western racists. You and I know it is not like that but some people will not be persuaded. They live to expunge their borrowed guilt based on the myth of western racism and wicked imperialism. Even their guilt is not ther own but like that of their other form of borrowed guilt and anger, that of others, from times and places in which they did not exist. No the Leftist mindest is hell bent on self-destruction and ours. I object to that actually. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ For a few months as the New Kaliphate settles down- perhaps by 2013, the West will face the hard choice of sealing its borders under armed guard so strong- strong enough to deter and deploy all and every means possible to halt the coming Islamic wave- the biggest mass jihad in history. If our stupid leaders do find the belated courage to defend us, they may force a stalemate and a North- South Iron Moslem Curtain, rigorously patrolled night and day and a shoot on sight policy carried out to the letter. Inside Fortress Europe heavily armed troops and Police will keep an eye on the various hundreds of Moslem enclaves dotted about on the Continent, prepared to shoot on sight at the slightest infraction. I suspect though that, Europe will not do this at all. No our spineless elite will simply reach an appeaseing 'accord' with these de facto statelets, condemning us all and our posterity to centuries of low level civil strife and eruptions of madness and bloodshed every now and again, as the armed Moslems I know to be within them push out from their 'protected' enclaves,as they did in the test run riots of 2005 around the 175 banlieus, termed 'Sensitive Minority Areas' by the French. The Police and Army, Fire and Ambulance never enter here. These will now be sealed off as a fait accompli, to appease the Saracen within- Moslem statelets in central Europe=- all of them allied to one of the two Greater Kaliphates I predict will arise- One Iranian controlled- shia, the other sunni ruled from Egypt. The Moslems planned it this way and seeing the stupid, effete wind bag EU and its blether about equality and duversity, the Arab minds took note and so we are at the stage we are at now as I write. The Moslem Brotherhood are behind all the unrest, taking advantage of European and American naivety, political correctitude, a dying shrinking effete cowardly western, left leaning population, totally removed from its own feckless roots but so keen to preach to others and bully those of us who do plainly know better. The stupid greed of the banks printing money they don't have and pig ignorant left wing green zealots did the rest. add in a few stupid childish politicians that have left the UK without the means to support a rescue mission because they have scrapped our carriers and airpower, the result is not difficult to imagine! DEFEAT unless the Americans, Germas and French help us. Guess what their reaction will be? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Meanwhile an even bigger problem awaits us in the form of the UAF and militant unions like 'Unite', so determined to undermine the very forces they rely upon to allow them to protest their ridiculosities. My father saw this happen in the last war when the miners walked out during the middle of a war. They deserved shooting then as the current lot will today if they side with the Moslem extremists and their accusations of racism and Islamophobia. the Government may have no choice this time though. And no I am not suggesting you go out and do it but war, especially civil war presents stark choices of survival, as I have warned many a time- your very existence and that of your own people may depend upon such decisions-a decision that may mean the imprisonment of troublemakers or more permanent removal. That is what war is about. I only say this to prepare you all for what we are about to face if I am right in my conclusions. Older war veterans will understand exactly what I mean.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Life in such circumstances is not a university campus- the same ones most of these idiots had their brains scrambled in. It is a crime to be stupid in war. God pray I am wrong for once! 000000000