Date: 02 Mar 2011


It is no secret that India has been invaded and ravaged countless times by the BARBARIANS originating from MECCA in Saudi Arabia. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Due to centuries of unimaginable tyranny, brutality and persecution inflicted upon them the ONE BILLION STRONG Hindu nation is left with no guts and courage. They have become a dead mass of vast humanity. This is proven by the UTMOST EASE with which the vicious Muslim MINORITY could capture five provinces of India and then complete the ETHNIC CLEANSING of the Hindus in those parts (West Pakistan and East Pakistan) in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\ British rulers and masters of the sub continent, in their absolute wisdom (policy of partition & divide), gave the mutilated MIDDLE India to their own stooge and lackey, Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU who was quick to institute his thoroughly corrupt and autocratic DYNASTIC rule over "India"- since re-named BHARAT.\\\\\\\\\\\ The INERT and LIFELESS Hindu nation (minus all vitality, energy and initiative) was ruled by Nehru till his death in 1964 and thereafter by his own daughter till her assassination in 1984. She was followed by RAJIV GANDHI, her son, who was assassinated in 1991. \\\\\\\\\\ One would have thought that RAJIV'S death would mean the end of the power hungry, autocratic and CORRUPT Dynasty but the Hindus had no spark of self esteem or patriotism left in their collective body. They begged of Rajiv's widow, the semi literate ITALIAN BORN CATHOLIC SONIA Maino, to become Prime Minister and rule their country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Fearing her own assassination (like the three “Gandhis” before) and cautioned by her backers in Italy and the Pope, she nominated an honest and upright SIKH, Manmohan Singh, for the post of prime minister. As we all know he is ruling the vast Land of Hindus as her puppet. All power and sway over Bharat still rests with SONIA "Gandhi" who is backed by two powerful anti Hindu "indigenous" columns, the Catholics and the MUSLIMS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Native Hindus have every cause to fear for their imminent fate and survival. \\\\\\\\\\\\ These are the facts, sad for the HINDUS, who are perishing like the natives of Latin America when confronted by superior and well organized forces from Spain and Portugal in the Middle Ages. \\\\\\\\\ Hindus have PERISHED in Western India from Karachi on Arabian Sea to Gilgit in the Himalayas, and in Eastern India from Chittagong on Bay of Bengal to Sylhet near the border with China. \\\\\\\\\\\ In the Rest of India (Middle India) they are facing growing Muslim confrontation and Catholic conversions.\\\\\\\\\\ However DARK & DESPAIRING the state of Hindus may seem at present, there is still the great POTENTIAL of infusing LIFE & SPIRIT in one billion of them and then enabling them to deal with the ENEMIES AT HOME and annihilate the two breakaway rebellious artificially created bogus Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh. \\\\\\\\\\ For this the input of a sympathetic EXTERNAL genius with motivation and FORCE is required. \\\\\\\\\\\ 2 March 2011 \\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000