Date: 02 Mar 2011


It is relevant to note that while the Muslims promptly declare their own countries “Islamic Republics” thereby severely restricting the freedoms of the others, denying them simple liberties, even shooting them dead under beastly blasphemy laws, they themselves can walk into any country on earth, claim full civic rights, including the right to build mosques, seduce, marry and degrade non Muslim girls, convert the poor, the ignorant and the gullible, and even commit heinous acts of murderous terrorism. \\\\\\\\ Having seen or suffered the blight called “Koran & Islam” all the free, secular and democratic NON Muslim countries ought to treat the followers of Mohammed exactly the same way –with contempt- on RECIPROCAL basis, that is, as the NON Muslims are treated in Islamic lands. \\\\\\\\\\ Why do we treat the Muslims better than our own kind, literally “put them on our heads & shoulders”, go out of the way to appease them, accommodate their wishes and listen to their endless demands? \\\\\\\\\\ Is it suicidal love? Is it the fear of “Sword of Mohammed” that is embedded deep in our psyche? Is it due to some ill defined vague residual memory of defeats and slaughter of earlier centuries? \\\\\\\\\\\ 2 March 11. 000000000