Date: 05 Mar 2011


THE ONGOING INSIDIOUS JEHAD\\\\\\\\\\\\ ---------------05.03.2011---------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims promptly declare their countries “Islamic Republic”, disregarding the sensitivities of the Non Muslims living there. Ban on churches in Saudi Arabia, murdering Christian humanitarian workers in Afghanistan, Coptic Christians in Egypt and the assassination of Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab and Shabaz Bhatty, the only Christian minister in Pakistan, are disturbing facts that show the true nature of Islam. Yet the Muslims can easily walk into any country on earth in order to enjoy full freedoms and benefits that are available to the rest of the population. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims, strictly following the teachings of Koran, cannot regard “Infidel” England as their own country. Those shouting abuse at the soldiers in Luton expressed their views in these words, "We cannot tolerate the British troops killing OUR people in OUR countries." That showed their core loyalty towards GLOBAL ISLAM, not towards this country. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims are now suspect across the entire free and secular world after the bloody events of 9/11 (USA), 7/7 UK) and 11/26 (INDIA). We read in "The Daily Telegraph", London, January 11, 2010, p. 2, "Seven year-olds 'groomed to be suicide bombers'." No other religion can boast of children as small as that ready to KILL for religion. \\\\\\\\\\\ One particular area of concern is the ongoing insidious Jehad in our midst- Muslim MEN seducing Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls with impunity. Parents of the targeted girls have been threatened with VIOLENCE by the audacious Muslim “predators”, and bullied into keeping quiet! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In some cases their aim is to acquire British citizenship based on the nationality of the British (or the EU) spouse. In other cases it is to INCREASE NUMBERS through conversion and rapid reproduction. In this way their relative (and comparative) numbers are increasing all the time thus building a demographic time bomb. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is, therefore, vital to KNOW as to how many NON Muslim girls have been seduced or married to MUSLIMS in the past ten years and then compare this to the number of Non Muslim BOYS marrying Muslim girls who risk being killed by close relatives for “honour”. The result of neglecting the increasing disparity will be catastrophic for our society. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is vital to keep an eye on MUSLIM inroads of this kind into the other peaceful communities, too, e.g., Hindu and SIKH, whose young men do not have the motivation or indoctrination to go out of their way to seduce and “hunt” Muslim females. “Mixed” marriages with Muslims are fraught with perils for the girls. After becoming a Muslim’s successful “kill” the unfortunate girl becomes a virtual slave. She cannot escape nor allowed to revert back to her own Faith. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ While the Muslim community in general, and the groom in particular, regard the bride as a "conquest" in the service of Allah, there is acute anguish in the girl's family, in addition to the shame felt by the girl herself for becoming part of the primitive Islamic society- a discovery she makes soon enough after infatuation wears off. We need to “relate” to these girls, not betray them or leave them to their fate.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We, therefore, suggest that each prospective Muslim groom should be required to submit a Certificate, or Declaration, to say that he is unable to find a Muslim ‘girl friend’ or spouse, within his own community. This should be countersigned by his parents and the Imam of local mosque. If Muslim numbers are not checked forthwith the demographic pressure will become a serious threat to our national security.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Concessions ought to be on reciprocal basis otherwise they are seen as weakness or appeasement. 000000000