Date: 06 Mar 2011


http://www.hrcari.org/ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ HOME GROWN TERRORISM IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE INTERNAL SECURITY OF AMERICA \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today we have gathered here under the banner of Liberty Alliance (a conglomeration of about 35 organizations) to counter the protest organized by a combined group of Far Left and Islamists. Their goal is to prevent the important Congressional Hearings that Congressman King has scheduled in his capacity as the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslim society in America is being radicalized rapidly through mosques; 75% of these mosques are controlled by Wahabi Muslims who preach unfathomable hate, violence and extreme form of Islam. Radical Islamists want to destroy this country from within. We wholeheartedly support Congressman Peter King for his courage, farsightedness, patriotism and sincere efforts in combating home grown terrorism in our country. \\\\\\\\\\ We are here to tell Imam Rauf and his pals that America is neither “Sharia compliant”, nor “Islamophobic” or “bigoted”! We will stand up for our civil rights to be protected from terror and your Sharia law. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We believe that Sharia is an antithesis of our Constitution. It is incompatible with American system of democracy, freedom and equal rights to all citizens. Sharia does not give equal rights to women and minorities. We are against the subjugation and abuse of women. Moreover, there is a close connection between Shariah and Jihad. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan is an Islamic state. Shariah law is strictly followed in Pakistan . In Pakistan , there are two million Talibans (students of Quran). That is the reason Pakistan is the epicenter and laboratory of terrorism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ America is a paradise on earth. We do not want this beautiful country to be destroyed and converted into Afghanistan or Pakistan . \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have carried on 16889 deadly terrorist attacks against entire humanity. In the week starting from Feb. 19 to Feb. 25th, the jihadists have carried on 26 attacks, murdered 181 and critically injured 310 people. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ In the USA only, since 9/11, there have been over 100 terrorist attacks by jihadists. Some of them, mentioned below, are very well known. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In November. 2009, Fort Hood gunman Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 people and injured 30 while shouting “Allah Akbar”. A Pakistani-American man Faisal Shahzad failed in an attempt to explode Times Square in May 2010. Recently, one Islamist tried to blow up New York Subway System. One Jewish student’s throat was slit by a Saudi student in Texas (8/6/03). Six women were shot, one died at Seattle Jewish Center (10/6/06) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ At the moment, Muslim population in the USA is roughly 6-7 millions. Even assuming that there are only 3% Muslims who subscribe to the ideology of radical Islam, we will have 180,000-210,000 radical Islamists clandestinely operating in our country. Hence, we are confronted with a very hazardous situation. 000000000