Date: 06 Mar 2011


Hindu Rashtra was logical to expect when NEHRU & GANDHI conceded ISLAMIC RASHTRA on either side of India.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They did not think of COUNTERBALANCE or COUNTERPOISE with two rocks on either side of the pool of mud.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secularism has never been a force before the SWORD OF ISLAM. It was that SWORD (SHAKTI) that captured the earth from Mecca to Morocco in the West and from Mecca to Indonesia in the East while wiping out Secularism along the way. \\\\\\\\\\\ What was needed in 1947 even to survive was to come under the protection of SWORD OF SRI RAMA or GURU GOBIND SINGH.\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru was more concerned with rewarding ISLAM since he regarded all Muslims as his sons-in-law due to Indira's Nikah with Feroze KHAN of Allahabad. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ To demand or expect Hindu Rashtra NOW is to invite the Wrath of Secular establishment who will shout, "DANGEROUS HINDU FUNDAMENTALISM". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They have succeeded in wiping out our memory about the ISLAMIC Rashtras on either side of MIDDLE INDIA (Bharat).\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So, the first attempt should be to wipe out Congress Party. Only then the playing field will be clear for establishing Hindu Rashtra. \\\\\\\\\\\ We need to realize that without State support to Hindu faith we are only ensuring the death of Hindus ultimately IN THE "REST OF INDIA", too. \\\\\\\\\\ 6 Mar 11. 000000000