Date: 08 Mar 2011


WHY AHMEDABAD?\\\\\\\\\\\ Today under Modiji Gujarat is shining in Hindu glory. But what does not fit in with the picture of our joy is the name of its old capital city thrust upon the hapless enslaved HINDUS by savage Muslim conquerers. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Why should millions of proud Gujaratis write it as address and acknowledge the past glory of savage followers of MOHAMMED OF MECCA who in the end took away ONE THIRD of Bharat to make it ISLAMIC Pakistan and also stayed back to oppose the reconstruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Surely Gujarat has her own brilliant sons and daughters whose name could be adopted for the city. \\\\\\\\\\\ What about KARNAVATI? It should come on the letter head of the Chief Minister from tomorrow. \\\\\\\\\\ Further appeal to all the cartographers in Bharat. Please show the map of our dear Motherland as it was Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT. Pakistan and Bogusdesh should be shown with dotted border line and the words "OCCUPIED INDIA" written on top. It will show the world that the HINDUS have guts and patriotism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8 March 11. ======= 000000000