Date: 09 Mar 2011


THE ESTEEMED E-MAIL:\\\\\\\\\\ The situation with Islamic violence and extreme suffering of non-Muslims is dreadful in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and to a lesser degree in UK/Europe and other Western countries. Western leaders are one hundred percent to blame. Their guilt is enormous. Importing massive numbers of Muslims whose religion teaches them to cruelly conquer all peoples and nations and commit atrocities and mass murders on innocent non-Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\ I was born and raised in England. I only went back to visit England one time many years ago. My parents are both dead. I believe that India is a special country. I made the suggestion in an e-mail to HRCARI that we should hold a yearly memorial to remember the Holocaust of India's Hindus and Sikhs by the Muslims. No one seemed interested. I believe very strongly we should hold this memorial in cities worldwide in public squares. Their suffering must never be forgotten. The public must know! It is a terrible thing to cover up and hide all the genocides and suffering Muslims have perpetrated for centuries against non-Muslim innocents. It would also be a warning to the world of new holocausts by Islam. Maybe you could also voice the urgent need to have yearly public memorials for the Holocaust of Hindus/Sikhs perpetrated by Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========================= THE REPLY: \\\\\\\\\\\ You are very correct in mentioning the high treason by our politicians who have let in so many Muslims to “rock the boat” eventually, while in the meantime ruining the peace of our lands. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We agree with you that it is absolutely essential to commemorate the Muslim atrocities, invasions and massacres to keep the memory alive and prevent their future aggression. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The idea of annual meetings on the subject is excellent. We should all explore the possibility of holding such meetings in our respective countries, including England. 000000000