Date: 10 Mar 2011


COMMENT:\\\\\\\\\\ The Americans, basking in the glory of being a super power, cannot yet realize that the enemy is not across the Atlantic but right in their own country, and growing rapidly, to shake the very foundations of constitution, democracy and freedoms of that country where Islamic GANGRENE has now set in. \\\\\\\\ The Hindus themselves have forgotten so conveniently the surgical amputations of 1947 when five provinces suddenly fell from Freedom & Secularism to Mohammed's strangulating Sharia Law overnight. \\\\\\\\ To see as to what kind of social order the "good" Muslims wish to IMPOSE on the others, one ought to visualize the savage life style of Saudi Arabia in the 7th. century AD, or better still, travel to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran to see it with one's own eyes. \\\\\\\\\\ It is easy to NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD instead of waiting for it to grow any further. Already they have reached the top. The President of the USA is literally, the Son of a Mohammed. Alarm bells ought to be ringing across America. \\\\\\\\ If America falls the world, yes, the whole world, will fall into savage DARK AGES once again. \\\\\\\\\\ Please give your excellent write-up the widest publicity. \\\\\\\ 10 Mar 11. ========== \\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 10/03/2011 03:00:20 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\\ American Jihadists and leftist radicals have organized a protest march in New York city. Their goal is to protest the important Congressional Hearing of Honorable Peter King scheduled in his capacity as Chairperson of the Homeland Security Committee. \\\\\\\\\\ I think it is very important that in New York City has pioneered in so many areas of vital social progress. But this American Islamic and far left protest march is regressive and their ultimate goal is to introduce Islamic Sharia Law. American Muslims are free in this country where constitution is supreme. We are enjoying freedom in this country, because of determined efforts of great men and women who kept our freedom alive. We all stand on the shoulders of brave men and women who have created this great nation. We should not allow American Islamists and leftist radicals to exploit our liberty and independent judiciary to introduce rigid, intolerant Islamic Sharia Law and make us unfree. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Protest March in New York City favored the backward sense of Islamists toward bases grounded in Islamic Sharia Law, not in democracy or the constitution of the US. We can clearly observe a genuine eradication of freedom by the protesters. The narcissistic Islamic dogma expounded by the Imams had in fact deeply implanted in the minds of American Islamic Jihadist that the essential ingredients for human rights, democracy, and freedom is in Islam. The American Jihadists have accepted the cogency of these ideas, and deep down in the Islamists mind, we could always find a reactions in Islam ready to defend and fight for the rigid, non compromising, anti democratic, anti infidel, Islamic pedestal.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This demonstration is intended not to promote liberty, human rights, tolerance, secularism, pluralism and individual liberation. The speeches of Imams seem like collection of dead Islamic words. The Islamic values they want to promote seem to imprison individual intellect and make our constitution worthless simply because our constitution has nothing to do with Islamic Sharia Law. \\\\\\\\\\\ If we allow American Islamists and leftist radicals to promote their closed dogma, our liberty is the first to disappear. Our constitutional framers had proposed that the individual ought to express himself/herself fully. What Islamists are trying to promote is Sharia Law where infidels can be oppressed and women can be exploited. It is unacceptable. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By protesting against Congressional Hearing on Internal Security, American Islamists create worse problems than they set out to solve. Islam as it has been known for centuries cannot promote freedom, democracy, and pursuit of individual liberty. Unless American Islamists move sharply to constitutional law, and American National ideology, they are going to face a misty future. -- 000000000