Peter Kings Congressional Hearings

Date: 10 Mar 2011


To view \\\\\\\\\\ Moslems in America \\\\\\\\ You are Responsible for Peterís Kings Congressional Hearings \\\\\\\\\\\ Stanley Zir, author \\\\\\\ Susan North, editor \\\\\\\\\\\ Prologue \\\\\\\\\ With Congressman King holding hearings on the radicalization of American Moslems you can be sure that President Barak Obama will chime in to remind Americans that their commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. We would like to remind Mr. Obama that tolerance for evil, no matter how it is dressed up whether in religious or secular garb is compliance, not compassion. \\\\\\\\\ We can never expect a failsafe policy in our war against terrorism, but we have every right to demand a failsafe policy to protect us against those who breech the constitutional firewall that protects us from those who are now using their Godís name to betray libertyís trust here at home. This betrayal of our covenant of freedom must now be exposed no matter what the cost. We must not be destroyed by those who would manipulate our documents of governance to destroy our fortress of liberty from within. \\\\\\\\ Any policy that puts America under house arrest, and muzzles our first amendment rights because we chose to speak out against nations whose constitutions honor the subjugation of the human spirit in Allahís name, is a policy that betrays our countryís just purpose and noble cause. We are the defenders of liberty in this world. We must not be deterred in this noble quest. We are not tyranny compliant, despite what our enemies might now believe. We are not beholding to tyranniesí decrees. We donít let tyrannies dictate to us what we must do. We are here to end their reign of tyranny in this world. \\\\\\\\\ Our founding fathers left us a recipe for freedom that secures the happiness of mankind, a Constitutional governance that repels tyranny at every turn. That is why we the people must honor this privilege afforded by our founders to secure America as an eternal sanctuary free from those who would use the name of God to deny us our Constitutional rights. In holding these hearings Cong. Peter King is fulfilling his sworn responsible to protect our nation from all enemies domestic and foreign who would destroy our nation from within. \\\\\\\\\\\ Just three months after the attack on 9/11, I wrote the following on my site Victorious America (a synopsis of this article is below). \\\\\\\\\\\\ Essay: Moslems in America \\\\\\\\\\ As Americans find themselves more and more in opposition to the religious tyrannical governances in the Islamic world, it would be wise for the so called moderate Moslem groups in this country to come out now in force and condemn not only the attacks on 9/11, but the Mosque/State religious tyrannical nations of the Arab League that are the breeding grounds for these acts of terrorism, and the homelands of those that attacked us. \\\\\\\\\\\ People of the Moslem faith who came here to pursue the American dream must speak out and lead the fight to expose the nations of the Islamic world which embrace Mosque/State governmental decrees. \\\\\\\\\ By speaking out against these enclaves of oppression and hatred the Moslem people in America could gain the full support of the American people. This would go a long way in preventing Americans from distrusting them on their position in the war against terrorism. If Moslems do not speak out now and make their position perfectly clear, they will be responsible for creating distrust in the future. \\\\\\\\\\ After all, many people came to America to become citizens because they were persecuted for their religious or secular beliefs. After 9/11 shouldnít Moslems, as American citizens, be the loudest in their protests to end the tyranny in the Mosque/State governing institutions in the Islamic world. \\\\\\\\ Did anyone in the years prior to 9/11 observe any Moslem organization in America willing to visit the country of their origin, as American citizens with the express purpose of talking about the absence of freedoms or the necessity of changes to end the reign of tyranny. I never heard such objections even in America. On the other hand, I heard it from Americans of Cuban descent, and Americans of Chinese descent, whose relatives are still under such tyrannical regimes, but never from the Moslems of America. \\\\\\\\\\ It is time for the so called moderate Moslem groups to speak out. Your silence on Islamic tyranny and its purpose to radicalize the world, over the years past speaks volumes. Your inaction dishonors the privileges that American citizenship affords you by dishonoring the freedoms you enjoy today. Freedoms Ė that were secured because of Americaís on-going battle against the advancement of tyranny and oppression in this world. It is time you totally condemn homicidal bombing against civilians around the world without reservation, and condemn the lies coming from the Islamic world which justify such an agenda. \\\\\\\\\\ In a gathering for Moslems in Washington, DC earlier this year not one speaker talked about human rights abuses in the Moslem world. I wonder where Moslem Americans will stand when the United States finds itself in conflict with most of the Moslem nations in the future. Why must we wait for that moment for you to reveal your allegiance? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Therefore, after 9/11 it seems to me that it would be appropriate for these so called moderate Moslem groups in America to once again meet in Washington, DC. This time they need to declare their allegiance to America in the war against terrorism, and their opposition to the reigns of tyranny in their lands of origin. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This one action is the greatest act of patriotism Moslem citizens can make in America to show their allegiance to democracy and our constitution first and foremost. By taking this one step America will achieve the unconditional support of the whole world in our fight against terror. At the same time it will shift the focus of all Islamic nations to open the doors of liberty, freedom and the rule of law. \\\\\\\\\\\ Henceforth, Victorious America will extend its participation in the process of protecting and defending manís fundamental rights based on the foundation of democratic principles. I will fearlessly challenge and uncover any group, institution, government or nation in the secular or religious world that would desecrate these ideals to promote tyranny and oppression in order to achieve absolute power as the rule of law. \\\\\\\\\\\ I wrote this in 2001 three months after the attack on September 11, 2001. It is now March 2011. Where were all those moderates hiding for the last ten years? \\\\\\\\\\\ Stanley Zir, author \\\\\\\\\\\ Ted Belman Jerusalem, Israel 972 (0)54 441 3252 000000000