Date: 12 Mar 2011


In a message dated 12/03/2011 12:48:01 GMT Standard Time, writes: \\\\\\\\\\ CONGRATULATIONS for founding the new patriotic Party to make Partitioned India's politics clean, bold and corruption free.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is amazing that a Land, renowned for its DIVINITY, MORALITY and ANCIENT WISDOM, is being misruled, exploited and plundered by a small political clique of gangsters & crooks known as "Dynasty" that is determined to stick to POWER till physically ousted and KICKED OUT of office by the combined ferocity of PEOPLE POWER. \\\\\\\\\\\ Such FEROCITY, the accumulation of frustration, anger, treachery & betrayal over the last SIX DECADES that is about to HIT our land of Avataras, Gurus and Rishis like the earthquake and Tsunami that VIOLENTLY shook Japan yesterday. \\\\\\\\\ That was the POWER OF NATURE. Our Bharat now has the accumulated POWER OF HINDU MASSES. \\\\\\\\\ We have deliberately written "HINDU". It is only the brainwashed mental morons who still include the MUSLIMS in the mosaic of Hindusthan, having SURRENDERED (at the point of gun and dagger) the ISLAMIC Pakistan on our sacred soil. \\\\\\\\\ Such LOW DOWN scum of Hindu nation forget that once our revered "Bapu" ("Father of Nation"), whose statues adorn every village, town and city in Bharat, gave the call of "AKHAND BHARAT" and even went on to declare, "INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY." But how quickly we all insulted his memory and BETRAYED our Bharat! There is NO such example of collective COWARDICE anywhere else on earth. \\\\\\\\\ Today's Hindu nation does not have the TERROR OF MOHAMMED or the GUNS OF BRITAIN threatening us. We must feel liberated and stand up for that Akhand Bharat. \\\\\\\\\ Reduced and diminished Bharat, minus LAHORE, NORTH KASHMIR and EAST BENGAL, is like a CRIPPLE whose scalp, arm and leg have been CUT OFF by Sword of Mohammed. What a disgusting & disfigured map of our Land of Rishis and ancient civilization we all ACCEPT without a second thought! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Given such background and collapse since 1947, please accept our CONGRATULATIONS for trying to infuse new spirit and fresh breath in the HINDU nation where to survive one has to compromise with principles, self esteem and patriotism and salute a nondescript female of NO merit & qualification imported from Italy, and all the foreign wives they WILL still import. \\\\\\\\\\ Nations have PERMANENT interests. When a leader dies, a hundred more rise to take his place. When MK Gandhi "died" NONE took his place. We could learn from the British. They showed us in 1940 ( ) as to how after retreat from DUNKIRK they rallied to win the war in 1945. \\\\\\\\\\ It is time for Broken Bharat to RETALIATE and recover Khyber and Chittagong, or serve notice on the ENEMY within, protected by treacherous JL NEHRU and INDIRA KHAN (aks Gandhi). \\\\\\\\\ May YOU be that gallant Son of Bharat to take the place of FALLEN Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\ 12 Mar 11. .\ ========\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 12/03/2011 08:46:30 GMT Standard Time, writes: Namaskar! \\\\\\\\\\ It is indeed my pleasure to introduce Lok Satta Aandolan to you. I feel that wind of change is strongly blowing and tipping point is near. \\\\\\\\\\\ Last 63 years have marked a remarkable and largely successful journey in building the most diverse and complex republic in a free society. Historically, this is a triumph. Now we need to make our republic the greatest in human history. It is difficult, but doable. I am privileged to share this dream with millions of my countrymen. \\\\\\\\\\ I am enclosing a draft book analysing the current political vicious cycle and possible solutions. Hope you will find time to read. I am also attaching the PPT, that will give you little insight of the same. \\\\\\ We all accept that our politics is holding us back. We all agree that the only antidote to vote-buying, freebies, muscle power and divisive politics is clean and honest politics and awakening and trusting citizens. For such a new political culture to take roots, we have to overcome few formidable obstacles. \\\\\\\\ Lok Satta (Led by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan - Ex IAS, Ex Member of National Advisory Council to the PM, Ec Member of Second Administration Reforms Commission and currently President of Lok Satta Party and MLA in AP assembly), over last 15 years (10 years - 1996 as a civil society movement (NGO) and 5 years - 2006 as a political party ), has evolved a set of beliefs, policies and approaches which are right for India, harmonize conflicting interests, and are broadly acceptable to all sections of the public. \\\\\\\\\\\ If we can usher in New Political Culture and transform politics in one or two major states, it will be easier to transform the rest of the country through similar efforts. \\\\\\\\\\\ The forces of status quo are strong, entrenched and determined. They will yield neither politely nor easily. We therefore have to fight assiduously and make ethical politics sustainable and successful. Lok Satta through it's state-wide movement in Andhra Pradesh, in the last Lok Sabha and Assembly elections offered the best and credible political platform for changing our politics by putting up 248 and 38 candidates for Assembly and Parliament elections respectively. It secured 1.72% of popular votes and 1 Assembly seat, with a low level of spent and almost blanking out by the major media in spite of popular support to the leader and the party in AP. \\\\\\\\\ A small beginning for the Lok Satta but a giant leap for new politics. \\\\\\\\ Buoyed by our achievements in Andhra Pradesh, we have now embarked on an effort to take the Lok Satta promise everywhere in the country. I hope that at this vital moment, you will join us in imagining and building a new nation and society.\\\\\\\\ We therefore urge you to leverage the formidable strengths of the movement for national cause. We request you to become a part of transforming the world's largest democracy into a clean and responsible democracy. Let us put country above politics and usher in a truly new political culture. \\\\\\\\\\ For too long, the silent majority comprising youth and women has been fed up with corrupt & dynastic politics and impersonal, centralised governance but has felt helpless in the absence of a credible platform. The Lok Satta is a platform so that the silent majority can unleash a silent revolution. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ A revolution for clean politics. A revolution to end corruption. A revolution to end dynastic politics. A revolution to provide 12 years of good quality, universal education to all of our citizens. A revolution to support all those who want to access higher education. A revolution for good, affordable health care, so no family has to make the terrible choice between food and medicines. A revolution for equal justice for all. A revolution for complete empowerment of the local governments. A revolution for a government that is centred around the citizen. A revolution for a police force that adequately protects the rights of our people. A revolution for a sensible affirmative action policy, one in which only the truly deserving get the benefits of reservation. A revolution for one India and one people in which all citizens' constitutional rights are protected. \\\\\\\\\\\ In a well functioning democracy, the political process ought to find answers to such governance problems. It is through the process of elections that a democratic choice is exercised on solutions to be adopted for various governance problems. Every election holds a promise for a peaceful change. People in India have been voting for change time and again. But the political process is locked into a vicious cycle, and has become a part of the problem. \\\\\\\\ Lok Satta believes that we need to attain good governance through a peaceful political process rather than wait for a bloody revolution to take place. \\\\\\\\\\ Please more details at: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1- 2- 3- \\\\\\\\\ -- Regards \\\\\\\\ Surendra Srivastava Founder - Maharashtra Chapter & Volunteer - Lok Satta Aandolan Base Unit-4, Bycula Service Industries Premises, Dadoji Konddeo Road, Bycula (East), Mumbai 400027 \\\\\\\\\\ 000000000 Email: Wikipedia: Facebook: Surendra Srivastava on Facebook Twitter: Surendra Srivastava (suren1990) on Twitter Web: Web: Film: If India wins, who loses? 000000000