Date: 12 Mar 2011


SIKH GENOCIDE. GOVERNMENT SHELTERS CRIMINALS Empire State Building 350 Fifth Avenue 59Tth Floor New York, NY 10118 \\\\\\\\\ T: 212.601.2707 F: 212.601.2610 \\\\\\\\\\\ E: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ March 12, 2011 AFTER 26 YEARS PEOPLE SPEAK UP FOR JUSTICE\\\\\\\\\\\ SUMMONS BY US COURT TO CONGRESS PARTY\\\\\\\\\\\ US court summons Congress party for 1984 anti-Sikh riots\\\\\\\\\\\\ By: sonu | Wednesday, 2 Mar '11 17:34:34 PM \\\\\\\\\ The Genocide of the Sikhs, a fully committed by the butchers in Congress is now blackening the whole of Congress. Unless those who took no part in this orgy get off their back side and be counted, the name of the Congress will continue to be muddied. The indomitable Sikhs, with strong belief in justice might be delayed, it will can't be denied, will continue to fight for justice as long as it takes. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Looks like It is time to know the real meaning of law!!\\\\\\\\\\\ By: Rajeev Tewari | Thursday, 3 Mar '11 8:22:07 AM \\\\\\\\\\\ In India, politician enjoys a special class, for whom law is just a three letter word!!! Law can be delayed, modified, twisted or stopped for them. After getting caught in any crime (even red handed), they shamelessly and grinningly say on TV- "law will take its own course"... They feel they are above the law because they have the power to change the course of "Indian Law".... Now it seems with International pressure (mainly from US and may be from UN in near future) Indian politicians are going to have the feel of real course of law!! \\\\\\\\\\ Ambutt13 | 1 week ago \\\\\\\\\\ As a future deterrent this is a good move. Sikhs have every right to know how genocide was dismissed as a mere riot. \\\\\\\\\\\ By AvinashS | 1 week ago \\\\\\\\\ Well done by the SFJ.. Make the Congress party pay for their crimes.. Start from 1984 and count all through till 2011.. \\\\\\\\\\ US courts orders. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ By: k bansidhar | Wednesday, 2 Mar '11 20:31:35 PM \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Congress party is responsible for all types of sins, frauds, corruption, and injustice to the people of the country since or even before the Independence. It is eating peoples' money, land, peace through its dangerous designs with the help of antisocial elements. The country is under deep COMA (Corruption, Oppression, Mismanagement, Atrocities) under congress rule. So the justice has to be done to the people of the country. The fabric of the society is being destroyed. Mafias, lnadgrabbers, Bankfrauders, Rapers are ruling the country. People's voice is pressed. The justice delayed is justice denied. So the courts have to act quickly and save the country and its people. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ US court summons Congress party for 1984 anti-Sikh riots By: sonu | Wednesday, 2 Mar '11 17:02:12 PM \\\\\\\\\\ Justice delayed is justice denied. Might be the folly some madman in Congress is working on. The indomitable Sikhs, however, have greater belief in WahaGuru. and in his house justice might be delayed it will not be denied. \\\\\ yeah he is,and will soon be !!!! \\\\\\\\\\ By: harishverma | Wednesday, 2 Mar '11 17:36:17 PM \\\\\\\\\ and next if the muslims in the us file a similar case, and Mr. modi, and the bjp is called akin, then the words emanating from you would be something like "traitor, anti-hindu, ignorant west" etc, i right???? \\\\\\\\\ By Anant | 1 week ago \\\\\\\\\\\\ The only way to get justice in India is through international courts. In India judiciary give verdicts as dictated by the politicians. CBI is as corrupt as any politician. There is a cartel between law enforcement agencies, judiciary and the politicians. They all rob our nation. If the most respected Supreme Court judge is facing charges of corruption then what kind of justice ordinary citizens can expect who have very little money to pay the judges? Sikhs have every right to demand justice in the international courts since India has failed miserably. Good luck to Sikhs and any other Indian citizen. It is imperative that Indian politicians are shamed internationally so the outside world knows the real truth about India. There is no point in hiding or projecting false favorable impressions of India since it will create more problems in the future. India will only shine when the justice system will work in India and when the corruption will not be considered as the norm. BJP be aware since they have a lot of skeletons in their cupboard. The only way the victims of 84 and 2002get justice will be if at all a case is filed in a US Court. Congress is facing the music today and BJP will soon follow. Whatever happens the victims of 84 and 2002 must get justice. \\\\\\\\\\\ By Rajeev | 1 week ago \\\\\\\\\\\ The Indian Media and Judiciary have brought shame to all Indians by not indicting Congress for 1984 genocide. The congress paid media has always tried to brush 1984 genocide under the carpet. The Indian media lives to speak on behalf of Congress and their primary vote bank Muslims and Christians. I hate congress and its policies to the core but it pains me to see that a foreign country is making judgment on our people. It is time Indian Media and judiciary hold congress responsible for the genocide and drag them to courts. All the congressmen both living and dead who indulged/supported massacre of Sikhs should be held guilty. This also includes butcher of Delhi Rajiv Gandhi. He should be made prime accused and all those awards bestowed on him by slave people should be taken back. \\\\\\\\ 000000000