Date: 12 Mar 2011


Some Sikh "leaders" in America consider "taming" the Muslims as "Dividing America by Religion." \\\\\\\\\\\ COMMENT: \\\\\\\\ FEAR OF SOME CONFUSED ROOTLESS SIKHS \\\\\\\\\\\ It is amazing that a community that has been savagely wiped out across West Punjab, its very home ground, solely on account of our RELIGION by the MUSLIMS has not EDUCATED the Americans on the PERMANENT separatist and violent propensity of Mohammedans giving examples from the present and the PAST, including the brutal beheadings of holy men, the savage murders of infants and countless cases of abduction and rape, but wish to make a common cause with the intolerant savage "beasts", copying the example of the followers of smashed old emaciated "fakir" (fool) called MK Gandhi who continued chanting, “Muslims are our Brothers & Sisters,” even after the “brothers & sisters” had wiped out ONE THIRD of India from the map and did total ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs. \\\\\\\\\\\ We say, “If the Pakistani Muslims seem different and law abiding to you the reason is not their good nature but the STRENGTH of the American society. The Muslims were also well behaved in UNITED India when the British “LIONS” ruled us all. \\\\\\\\\\ But as soon as the LIONS became WEAK and prepared to depart, our well behaved Muslim compatriots became bloodthirsty wolves overnight, and mutilated the land of their own birth because of their HATRED for Hindus, Sikhs and Secularism. \\\\\\\\\\\ In America one is expected to be educated to understand that the Muslims there do NOT have a different sanitized version of KORAN but the literally same book that the invader Mohammed Bin Qasim held in his hand while ravaging, plundering, killing and raping Sindh in 712 AD. And it was the SAME Koran that the executioner recited before BEHEADING Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi in 1675. \\\\\\\\\\\\ How come, the Americans have come to know that ISLAM means "FRAUD, DECEPTION & SURPRISE ATTACK" while the chief victims of Islam, the SIKHS from Broken Bharat, who should have known better, still regard the Muslims peace loving?\\\\\\\\\\\ If the Americans become "lambs and sheep" like the "ahimsa"-smitten HINDUS and the “NISHKAM SEWAK” Sikhs who do NOT mind Partition, the provocative flag of Mohamed of Mecca flying over LAHORE (where Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled, where Guru Arjun Dev ji was TORTURED to death, where Bhagat Singh was hanged to death and where total ETHNIC CLEANSING of Sikhs took place in 1947), then the SAME Muslim "brothers" and "children of Gandhi" will turn upon YOU and do what they did for long dark & bloody centuries back home.\\\\\\\\\\\\ You, Sir, have FAILED to tell the Americans that the Sikhs and the Muslims ARE POLES APART in Belief (good “Momin vs. bad KAFIR”) and Action (MURDER & RAPE), and while they will destroy planes and trade centers, YOU, THE SIKHS, will confront them in order to defend America. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ You may be improving your popularity ratings with the followers of Mohammed of Mecca who OCCUPY our Lahore, Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib without any rhyme or reason, but the Europeans and the Americans are all WELL INFORMED and will be laughing at your foolishness. Already some trigger happy Americans are killing the Sikhs who look like their TALIBAN "brothers". \\\\\\\\\ Please distribute this warning widely among the Sikhs in America, the country of your safety, well-being, refuge and adoption. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Sikhs, the Muslims and the Hindus have NOT entered America like the EUROPEAN did. We saw India FRAGMENTED AND MUTILATED and the terrified Indians running in all directions. The Americans will ensure that the Evil Muslim head is crushed in order to ensure security at home and the safety of their (and YOUR) daughters. \\\\\\\\\\ It will be good to "DUMP" the Muslim "brothers" but study the core interests of the Americans, the vigilant HOST community, and then stand shoulder to shoulder with them and defend what they wish to save from the BARBARIANS. \\\\\\\\\\\ Why not first expect the MUSLIM brutes to vacate their aggression over West Punjab that has NO connection with Mohammed of Mecca whatsoever but everything to do with the NATIVE gurus, rishis, and sants, and our ancestors. \\\\\\\\ Would they even let SRI NANKANA SAHIB be sovereign like the Vatican in Italy? NO, NEVER. Would they serve free food to the Sikhs in a mosque? NO, NEVER. Would they allow a Sikh to enter the city of Mecca? NO, NEVER. Will they eat JHATKA or PORK with the Sikh brothers? NO, NEVER. Will they spare the life of a Muslim female who falls in love with a Sikh and marries him after becoming a Sikh? NO, NEVER. Will they dump their Jehad to ISLAMISE THE WHOLE WORLD? NO, NEVER. \\\\\\\\\ ISLAM is a religion with GLOBAL ambitions. The Sikhs are not united even in our tiny East Punjab where the shameless Chief Minister is happy to sit on Union Territory. \\\\\\\\\\\ Let us stand on the side of the United States of America while we all have escaped from DIVIDED, MUTILATED, BLEEDING, BROKEN and PARTITIONED Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\ Now please look at the Subject heading above: "Dividing America by Religion." \\\\\\\\\\ First and foremost, please educate the Americans as to why India let herself be divided by RELIGION and saw two million non Muslims SLAUGHTERED and 15 million fleeing in all directions within ONE year (1947). \\\\\\\\\\\ It is time to establish a SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM on the free soil of America like the Jews who have established their Holocaust Museums all over the world without the FEAR of their enemies. \\\\\\\\\\ While writing the lines below you forgot that even in India there were MILLIONS of peaceful, law-abiding Indians in 1947 till LAHORE disappeared from the map overnight and in America the two WTC towers in New York turned into smouldering rubble on one day. \\\\\\\\\\\ By the way, America is already DIVIDED. She was divided on the day the FIRST Mohammedan landed there with his Koran and if you care to look in that Book, you will see the word KAFIR, the INFIDEL who must be enslaved, converted or KILLED. That is YOU. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ You will lose respect in America and look FOOLS if, like MK Gandhi, you call the Muslims "brothers and sisters", or weaken the Homeland Security of America in any way. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Having seen the "performance" of Muslims in their respective countries, both Angela Merkel of Germany and David Cameron of Britain have declared multiculturism to be dead. 000000000