Date: 15 Mar 2011


INDIAN LEADERS ARE LOST IN JUNGLE OF POLITICS: It is tragic that in the absence of any idea of PERMANENT INTEREST of Bharat and of its clear IDENTITY many Hindu stalwarts are falling by the way side like dominos. We want leaders who once say, "AKHAND BHARAT!" and then stick to it till ETERNITY inspiring the patriots generation after generation till Mohammed is pushed back into MECCA. After all, is he not in Ayodhya and Lahore? Here is a suggested RESOLUTION that every Hindu AND SIKH organization was expected to approve, pass, and adopt, a day after that bogus PARTITION: RESOLUTION ON "AKHAND BHARAT" (resurrected after the ignominious death of MK Gandhi):- RESOLUTION-\\\\\\\ \ WE ARE DETERMINED TO WIPE OUT THE MOHAMMEDAN AGGRESSION ON THE SACRED SOIL OF BHARAT THAT RESULTED IN ILLEGAL, UNDEMOCRATIC AND SECTARIAN DIVISION OF BHARAT INTO INDIA AND PAKISTAN IN 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ WE ARE DETERMINED TO INSIST ON ENFORCING AT LEAST ONE CONDITION ON THE TREACHEROUS INDIAN MUSLIMS AS THE PRICE OF PAKISTAN AND THAT WILL BE "COMPLETE TRANSFER OF POPULATION." \\\\\\\\\ ACCORDINGLY. ALL THE FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA HAVE NO PLACE IN SECULAR BHARAT THAT IS REGARDED BY THEM AS THE LAND OF INFIDELS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000