Date: 16 Mar 2011


CONTRIBUTED \\\\\\\\\\ ISLAM VS. BILLION MAGGOTS IN BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIA)\\\\\\\\\\ Today at 7.30 a.m. I just turned to Peace TV, a Muslim Channel from Bharat. \\\\\\\ Dr Zakir Naik was addressing a huge gathering, all seated in chairs, with colorful backdrop of Olympian standard.\\\\\\\\\\\\ He asked for volunteers willing to convert. FIVE women stood up and came to the mike. A little later TEN men stood up. He asked them to give out their names on loudspeakers. They all gave HINDU names barring one female who wished to remain anonymous. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Then he asked them if they were taking this step VOLUNTARILY and without pressure from any side. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ They all AGREED. He asked them to repeat the Kalima after him. They all did so to the loud applause of the vast gathering. This was a scene from decomposing, crumbling Hindusthan, the land of Hindus that the Sikhs were raised to DEFEND. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In 63 years since Nehru & his Congress Party captured political power they have succeeded in degenerating the Hindus into the sheep and made the Sikh "lions" the jackals. Where in Pakistan or Bangladesh can they DARE to convert any alienated or intelligent MUSLIMS into their NATIVE faiths? That shows the ratio of courage and conviction between the followers of war mongering Mohammed of Mecca, with his camels and the native civilised Hindus with their cows. Contrast between guts and cowardice could not be more obvious to the world media covering the scene. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus on one morning Dr NAIK had converted 10 HINDUS and "captured" the wombs of five Hindu women who will offer their bodies to bear numerous more Mohammeds in Partitioned India (Broken Bharat). This loss of Hindu stock is called "political correctness" due to full backing by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA led by a Sikh. \\\\\\\\\\\\ I was shocked to see this OPEN slap in the collective HINDU face. Nobody, not even the top Hindu leaders, had told these wretched 15 of the ENEMY who had captured one third of India and was increasing like the rabbits to overwhelm their own Hindu culture, religion and way of life. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ They were going to help the ENEMY destroy their own land of birth & culture and Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. What are the OTHER Hindus in that area doing? What do they do when a Mohammed seduces and weds or even rapes a Hindu maiden? What are the "sants & sadhus" doing day and night? Are they INSPIRING & EDUCATING their sheepish following or amusing them and putting them to sleep? Do they know what ISLAMIC cancer and gangrene did to the BODY of Bharat in 1947? \\\\\\\\\\\ Nobody had told these women of the rotten status and zero dignity of women in the eyes of Mohammed to whom they were swearing loyalty at this function. \\\\\\\\\\\ Schools and universities in PARTITIONED India do not mention PARTITION. The Hindu "flock of sheep" does not know who devoured millions of them in the previous generations. Each generation of Hindus, and SIKHS, grows up in the darkness of ignorance. Hindus have lost territorial sense and the Sikhs have lost their guts. BROKEN BHARAT is heading towards doom once again. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru rewarded his son-in-law Feroze KHAN with one third of India. How could he describe the Muslims as ENEMIES in his Constitution?\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How brave and courageous are the people of a tiny country called ISRAEL as compared to the Land of a billion odd Hindus whose commitment to their RELIGION is like that of the MAGGOTS. 000000000