Date: 17 Mar 2011


IMMORAL “BITCH” IS THE PRESIDENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\ “CHOR UCHAKKA CHAUDHRY, TE LUCCHI RANN PRADHAN” \\\\\\\\\\\\ LETTER TO SUPREME COMMANDER OF P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Today’s BOGUS “Punjab”, like the betrayed province of Bengal, is ONE FIFTH of her original size, and badly hurt. Hence what the brave “Sons of Soil” say in agony must be taken seriously. In the Panjabi language the above means: \\\\\\\\\\ “Thieves and robbers hold sway over Land & People, and an immoral “BITCH” is the President.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Punjab is renowned across the world for her folk wisdom expressed in rural candour. The maxim applies perfectly to the present political doldrums across the whole of Partitioined India (PI). \\\\\\\\\\\ A new wave of animosity is running across PI. It is due to deliberate neglect of the ex servicemen and women, and their petitions and pleas. Senior retired generals have been leading a popular campaign against the callous attitude of their rulers but to no avail. \\\\\\\\\\ PI is approaching a flash point since no rank in the armed forces will ever tolerate the slight, insult or neglect of their superior officers regardless of who the political “Bi-ch” or “Bas-ard” higher up is. \\\\\\\\\\ Roots of the disconent among the armed forces go back to earlier days. Nehru, the clever barrister-at-law from London, feared his assassination on account of his High Treason of surrendering vast territories to the enemy without referendum. Most of all he feared the “man in uniform” who takes the vow to DEFEND TERRITORY. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is, therefore, easy to understand as to why the armed forced in PI have been continuously degraded, downgraded, isolated, shunned, snubbed and ignored since 1947 when Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, the Traitor, became the prime minister. \\\\\\\\\\\ An army is drawn from the people, and, therefore, reflects their character. Cowardly India that promptly accepted her bogus Partition, went on to embrace the enemy, and still “licks the foot” of an unworthy Italian female, cannot be expected to produce an upright army of warriors. Thus there is conflict of approach & ideology between the Armed Forces and the Baboos, the civil servants, who rule the country. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Indian ex servicemen and women have been agitating for “One rank, One pension” for a couple of years now but to no avail. As a last resort they have started to return their gallantry medals to the Supreme Commander. Thousands have done so already. A couple of them went on hunger strike but to no avail. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Last week a senior retired general wrote to the “Mother of Nation”, Italian born Sonia Maino but got no reply. This week the General has written to the Supreme Commander. \\\\\\\\\\ The question is, “Is Mrs Patil, the Supreme Commander of PI, the suitable person in that chair?” \\\\\\\\\\\\ The answer is “NO!” India’s top is rotting away fast. People who write to the Prime Minister, the President or the Supreme Commander, are writing to the Wall, that is, wasting their time. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ==============\\\\\\\\\\ Extract from the letter sent to the SUPREME COMMANDER of PI on 17 March 2011: (Quote) “Excellency, You would be aware that we have made five trips to Rashtrapati Bhavan with a view to depositing medals directly with the Supreme Commander. Each time we have had to bring these back as Her Excellency was pre-occupied on other engagements and was not able to receive these personally. Consequently, vide our letter of even number dated 2 February 2011 (copy attached), we requested that a date and time convenient and suitable to the Supreme Commander may kindly be intimated so that we can recast our programme accordingly. Reply from Rashtrapati Bhavan to this request is still awaited. May I request that your availability/convenience be conveyed to us at an early date? \\\\\\\\\\ In the mean time do allow me to apprise you that the disenchantment of veterans with the government for not acceding to their basic demand of ‘one rank one pension’ as well as for not implementing several judgments taken by the Supreme Court, is further growing and spreading. Admittedly, this kind of negative sentiment taking root among the most loyal and dedicated section of the society cannot be said to be a healthy development. (Unquote) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Copies sent to the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister of P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ NB: COWARDLY India became “secular” overnight after unconditionally accepting and acknowledging the superiority and sovereignty of ISLAM & MOHAMMED over the whole of Western and Eastern India. 000000000