Date: 17 Mar 2011


RE-CONQUEST OF BHARAT HAS BEGUN! \\\\\\\\\\ Re-conquest of (what is left of Hindusthan) has begun. Hindu LEADERS must inform and inspire their following. \\\\\\\\\\ Facts speak for themselves. So does the disfigured MAP of Gandhi's India since 1947. \\\\\\\\\ ==============.... \\\\\\\\ SHOCKING. \\\\\\\ Today (16 March 2011) at 7.30 a.m. (GMT) I just turned to Peace TV, a Muslim Channel from Partitioned India (Bharat). \\\\\\\\\\ Dr Zakir Naik was addressing a huge gathering, all seated in chairs, with colorful backdrop of Olympian standard. \\\\\\\\\\ Being constantly provoked by the sight of the alien flag of Mohammed of Mecca flying over my WEST Punjab, now in Pakistan, every time I see a Mohammedan in PARTITIONED India I ask the question, “What the Hell is HE doing in Broken Bharat?” I want to kick him out of there, recalling our own ethnic cleansing there in 1947. I continued to watch! \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. Naik was praising the crude, separatist and intolerant religion of desert from Arabia sky high, and then asked the volunteers willing to convert to Islam to come to the microphones placed at right spots within the frenzied gathering. \\\\\\\\\ FIVE Hindu women stood up and came to the mike. A little later TEN Hindu men also stood up. He asked each one of them to give out their names on loudspeakers. They all did so, barring one female who wished to remain anonymous. \\\\\\\\ Then he asked them if they were willing to convert to Islam VOLUNTARILY and without pressure from any side. They all AGREED. At this point one could feel & see the ideological POWER VACUUM in Hindusthan- total absence of Hindu "SHAKTI" & AWE. It was like the WOLF carrying off the sheep in broad daylight, right under the nose of the shepherd. \\\\\\\\ He then asked them to repeat the “Kalima” in the alien Arabic after him. They all did so to the loud applause of the vast gathering. \\\\\\\\\\ This was an unbelievable scene from the decomposing, crumbling Hindusthan, the land of Hindus, that the Sikhs were raised to DEFEND. \\\\\\\\\\ In 63 years since Nehru & his Congress Party captured political power they have succeeded in smashing Hindu identity and pride, and turned them into a flock of “sheep” and intimidated and demoralised the Sikh "lions" to think & behave like the jackals. After all, we have NOT yet seen the Hindus, the majority community, reconstruct Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya nor seen a similar "Conversion Camp" by the Sikhs either in Lahore or in Sri Nankana Sahib. “Where in Pakistan and Bangladesh, or indeed, in ANY Islamic Republic on earth, can the Hindus (and Sikhs) dare to convert any Muslim openly like this?”, we wondered. \\\\\\\\\\\ Is there NO limit as to what extent we are expected to surrender our guts & "gaurav", besides our sacred territory to the enemy?\\\\\\\\ The contrast between guts & audacity of the foreigners and cowardice of the natives in Hindusthan could not be more obvious to the world media, including television channels, covering the event. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus on just one morning Dr NAIK had converted TEN Hindu MEN and "captured" the wombs of FIVE Hindu women who will offer their bodies to bear numerous more Mohammeds in the "Partitioned Indian Secular State". \\\\\\\\\\\ This loss of Hindu stock, and manhood, is not being confronted by any leader or organisation on our own territory due to the dishonest and treacherous State-sponsored "political correctness"- in blatant favour of the Muslims that has full backing of the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, led by a simple secular self negating Sikh. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We were shocked to see this "SLAP" in the collective HINDU face. Nobody, not even the top Hindu leaders, the VHP and the SGPC (of the Sikhs), had reached out to these lost souls, the ignorant children of (what we call) "Bharat Maata" and told them anything about the ENEMY that had captured one third of India and was rapidly increasing in numbers to overwhelm their own Hindu culture, religion, families and the "way of life". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ How many more betrayed unhappy Hindu souls are seeking a sense of security & solidarity from the followers of Mohammed of Mecca, forgetting our own native Avataras, Mahatmas, Mandirs, Gurus and Gurdwaras?\\\\\\\\\\\ These new converts are going to help the ENEMY with added zeal and fanaticism to destroy their own sacred land of birth. They have seen it safe and wise to betray their own divine Krishna, Rama, Swamy Narayan, Sai Baba, Gautama Buddha, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. \\\\\\\\\\\ What are the OTHER Hindus in that area doing in order to dispatch the likes of seditious Zakir Naik to his Islamic homeland, especially carved out of Akhand Bharat in 1947? \\\\\\\\ What do they do when a Mohammed seduces and weds or even rapes a Hindu maiden? What do the Hindus of Rajasthan and Karnataka do when the Hindus in Kashmir Valley are abducted, raped, killed or kicked out?\\\\\\\\\\\ What are the two million strong "sants & sadhus" in Bharat doing, day and night? Do they have NO eyes to see their own vanishing stock and "dharti", and the disgusting new map of India since Partition? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Are they INSPIRING & EDUCATING their sheepish following, or simply amusing their devotees and putting them to sleep? Do they know what ISLAMIC "cancer and gangrene" did to the BODY of Bharat in 1947? \\\\\\\\\\ Nobody had told these females of the rotten status of women according to the Islamic Sharia Law, and the words and deeds of Mohammed of Mecca, to whom they were happily swearing their loyalty and submitting their body, soul and mind at this function. \\\\\\\\\\\ Schools and universities in Bharat do not mention PARTITION due to terror of Nehru Dynasty and their Congress Party. The Hindu "flock of sheep" does not know who devoured millions of them in the previous generations. Each generation of Hindus, and SIKHS, grows up in the darkness of ignorance, ready for the Sword of Mohammed- Guru Tegh Bahadur style. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus have completely lost their territorial sense and the Sikhs have lost their guts and direction. \\\\\\\\\\\\ BROKEN BHARAT is heading towards DOOM once again. \\\\\\\\\\ Nehru rewarded his son-in-law Feroze KHAN and his fellow Muslims with one third of India. How could he describe the Muslims as ENEMIES in his Constitution? \\\\\\\\\\ What an IRONY that Zakir Naik’s seditious Conversion Camp is not far from where East India Company started their conquest of India three hundred years ago. Then there were neither Europeans nor Christians on the sub continent to extend support to them. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohammed’s task will be much easier now when we recall the speed at which Pakistan was established and the number of Fifth column seen all over. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ For 300 years the diminishing Hindu nation has not looked at the reasons of the past defeats & surrenders. The price to be paid for this CRIMINAL NEGLECT will be unprecedented widespread and indiscriminate SLAUGHTER OF THE HINDUS across the unprepared, undefended and unguarded Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus must not go on helplessly watching their own extermination on the soil of Bharat. Once gone from there we will become a fair game for our enemies everywhere on earth. \\\\\\\ How ironic to see Zakir Naik’s seditious camp not far from the spot where three hundred years ago “EAST INDIA COMPANY” started their occupation of India, step by step. Their flag followed trade. \\\\\\\\\\ Divided and foolish Indians were made slaves eventually and beaten, thrashed, robbed, raped, shot, hanged to death and converted in their millions. Are we now not seeing a re-enactment of the same tragedy with MOHAMMEDANS advancing on our TERRITORY instead of a European commercial company? \\\\\\\\\\\ We are still an ignorant nation on earth, taking the First prize in disunity and complacency. How many of us know that Zakir Naik was BANNED from entry to the United Kingdom due to his inflammatory speeches and terrorist links? \\\\\\\\\\\\ ( \\\\\\\\\\\ How LUDICROUS to see a large poster in his support seen at the big demonstration in Mumbai! It says, “We the people of India (sic) condemn the ban on Dr Naik's entry into UK.” \\\\\\\\\\ Let us ask, “WHICH PEOPLE?” The MUSLIMS who are now all “PAKISTANI” by definition under the writ of “ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947”, or the “smashed Hindu camp followers” who would not mind if MAHARASHTRA. WEST BENGAL and KERALA, too, are annexed by Pakistan like WEST PUNJAB, NORTH KASHMIR and EAST BENGAL? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Is it not ironic that this seditious man who is banned from stepping on the soil of England is not only roaming at large & freely in Partitioned India but also converting the Hindus to ISLAM in broad daylight? \\\\\\\\\\\ In contrast, we see how brave and courageous the people of tiny ISRAEL are, as compared to the Land of a billion Hindus whose commitment to TERRITORY and RELIGION is like that of the sheep. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One must ask, “WHO IS RULING BHARAT? FRIEND OR FOE?” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 16 Mar 11. 000000000