Date: 19 Mar 2011


McCarthy used to say, "The only good Red is the DEAD Red."\\\\\\\\\ Today his message would translate to "There is NO good, innocent, decent or patriotic MUSALMAAN anywhere on earth." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Each and everyone is a "BE-IMAAN, SHAITAAN, HAIWAAN." Anyone from Partitioned India will be able to translate it well, but here is the simplified version in English: "ISLAM IS FRAUD, DECEPTION & SURPRISE ATTACK." \\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims enter a secular non Muslim democracy humbly, upon their knees, praying to be let in, to escape persecution or starvation, ironically from their own ISLAMIC republics. They behave like tamed dogs so long as they remain scattered or in small numbers with no mosque to gather in, either for mischief or to plan a "Million Man March". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ As their numbers grow, so does their audacity and threat to social harmony and peace. Eventually they show their TRUE colours when they cry "Jehad!" and send volunteers to blow up trains, planes and buses and even suicide bombers to markets and city centres to impart force and urgency to their separatist demands. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally any peace loving and tolerant country like INDIA is violently broken up into fragments. In the ISLAMIC regions that are cut off from mainland the non Muslims are ethnically cleansed to the last man, woman and child. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims become BEASTS and do not tolerate a church or temple, the Bible, Gita or Granth. The savages derive a big pleasure in demolishing the others' places of worship (Temple Mount, Sophia Hagis and AYODHYA), often building mosques on the very ruins of those churches and temples. Yet they demand EQALITY and quote the Laws of SECULAR SOCIETY to their advantage. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Each and every non Muslim should watch the film “FITNA”, listen to Geert Wilders and Nick Griffin, and read some useful web sites like “Jehad Watch”, “Islam Watch” and www.partitionofindia.com. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ignorant people or fools like Ellison in America (and Gandhi in India) act as decoys to trap their fellow citizens. They feed the ENEMY that will ultimately devour all, including them! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What is the difference between a German and a NAZI? That, dear friends, is also the difference between a man and a MUSALMAAN. Beware! 000000000