Date: 20 Mar 2011


CORRUPTION IS STATE POLICY, AN OFFSHOOT OF ITS IDEOLOGY. (PERMANENT INTEREST) \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Your efforts are commendable and what you are doing is a vital step in the final liberation of the downtrodden exploited masses of Bharat. However, here are some candid thoughts from an NRI's perspective. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ From our perspective it is also important to see, or acknowledge, the source of this calamity called CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It means to see the stream flowing beneath the house instead of resorting to removing the damp from the floor and walls. It means to identify the real source and then set different priorities and targets. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ How far high up will the Lok Pal reach, or be effective? WILL HE TRY THE "BOFORS CHOR"? Will be forget the past and start from tomorrow for his own safety or expedience? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to have a criterion for the Lok Pal, too, if he is not to drown in the deep QUAGMIRE of Corruption in which all the previous anti-corruption stalwarts, "netas" and champions like "Mr. Clean" have vanished.\\\\\\\\\\\ ==================== TACKLE THE SOURCE. \\\\\\\\ In the case of PARTITONED INDIA it is Congress and Dynasty. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If there is a POISONOUS river flowing down the side of a mountain that branches off into many streams across the plains below, it is no use blocking one stream after another. \\\\\\\\\\\ The best remedy will be to walk up the mountain and block the river at its source. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In our sincere opinion the SOURCE of political, social, communal and economic ROT in India is the very IDEOLOGY of "Bandit" NEHRU that he incorporated in his CONSTITUTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is that IDEOLOGY due to which we see the widespread chaos and corruption throughout Bharat today. It is neither chance nor fate nor accident but deliberately induced phenomenon. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Corruption produces mistrust, chaos, frustration, loss of faith, anger and poverty, and they all combine to make the people weak, insecure, timid and dependent. Thus Dynasty and Congress have ensured their TOP place & UNASSAILABLE position high above the rest till eternity. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru's "Secularism" was the POISONOUS RIVER whose tributaries now flow through all the 27 States of India. \\\\\\\\\ Nehru's SECULARISM was the TRAP to wipe out the HINDUS, including those who survived their ethnic cleansing in FIVE provinces that were suddenly submerged deep in POISONOUS (Islamic) waters on August 15, 1947. Nehru's Secularism was the SOURCE of Corruption. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru's Secularism was bogus, treacherous, dishonest, partisan, surrealist and "ISLAMIC". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secularism to be legal, moral and decent in DELHI had to be rammed down Mohammed's throat in Lahore, not imposed on the ignorant, illiterate, slavish and UNQUESTIONING (gullible) Hindus unilaterally. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Muslims then had the guts and motivation to do the impossible, that is, create PAKISTAN out of nothing while we neither had, nor have the guts or motivation to smash Pakistan and bring them back in "dog collar" to AKHAND BHARAT. Hindus, as a nation, have to shed the fear of ISLAM, SARKAR & DYNASTY. The weight of these THREE evils is too much to carry. It is back breaking. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru, who accepted Partition, was a traitor and his DYNASTY cannot transform themselves into a moral force for the well-being of the masses. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ When Third Reich vanished, so did its CONSTITUTION and all their cabinet ministers, party officials, logos, the flag and even the national anthem. That is the difference between Hitler's Germany and Angela Merkel's Germany. In our case there is NO difference between the British India, Nehru's India, Indira's India, Rajiv's India and now Sonia's India and tomorrow Rahul's India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What will the new Lok Pal achieve with a shovel, facing the mountain? Is the question scary or REASLISTIC? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The PEOPLE of India were like the dumb cattle in 1947 if they could not unite in order to keep India united, and if there was NO attempt to assassinate either Jinnah or Nehru BEFORE the country's break up. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi's assassination came TOO LATE when Khyber in the West and Chittagong in the East had been handed over to ISLAM already.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The only source of corruption are CONGRESS & DYNASTY and they wil not go without a FIGHT. If we cannot remove them we will NOT be able to remove corruption. Both are bonded together like soul and body.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India is too lucrative a "COOLIE COLONY" for them that brings them WEALTH beyond imagination. They will NOT give up power easily. Darker days lie ahead. That calls for identification of the Source of Corruption and planning our strategy accordingly to save time and energy. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We ought to call a Round Table Conference with the leaders of all moral, patriotic and political colours and hues, excluding Congress & Dynasty. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 20 March 11. ============== 000000000