Date: 23 Mar 2011


"STRANGULATION" OF EUROPE Please watch this 'eye opener' video clip. This is the situation in France. Our country is no better with regard to appeasing the Muslims and ignoring their swelling numbers in our towns and countryside. Dark shadow of Mohammed of Desert, where amputations, stoning to death and beheadings of infidels is the order of the day, is creeping across the landscape of these Isles. Yet the "sledge hammer" of political correctness has crushed the best judgement of so many on Islam. Why is surrender to Islam always and everywhere unconditional? India was forced to surrender ONE THIRD of her territory to Mohammed in 1947. Yet the Indian leaders could not think of even ONE condition in return. Now the CHRISTIANS in Europe and America are crumbling before the Islamic "Tsunami". If (IF) they could think of even one condition in return for hundreds of MSOQUES all over, what would it be? I guess, it will be, "Let us build just ONE church in Mecca." 23 March 2011. 000000000