Date: 24 Mar 2011


(THOSE SAYING, RELIGOUS MEN SHOULD KEEP AWAY FROM POLITICS FORGET THAT MK GANDHI, THE MAHATMA, WAS ALSO A RELIGIOUS LEADER WHO TOOK PART IN PARTITION TALKS!)\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ALLEGATIONS OF BABA RAMDEV AND HIS COMPANIONS ON CONGRESS AND THE GOVERNMENT\\\\\\\\\\ • Central Minister Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Political advisor of Sonia Gandhi, Ahmad Patel are accused in case of Black money. \\\\\\\\\ • Hasan Ali who siphoned off black money in Swiss bank has relations with Congress. \\\\\\\\ • Son of Quattrochi got license to drill oil in Andaman Nicobar. \\\\\\\\ • Rajeev Gandhi’s black money in the banks of Switzerland. \\\\\\\\ • An Intelligence Agency of Russia provides money to Rahul Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\ These are strange times for Indian politics. Saints and divines have taken a plunge in the Ganges of politics while political parties are behaving as saints. By the latter half of the last statement we mean that the political parties, the treasury benches have taken recourse to silence, studied or otherwise. It has happened for the first time in India that the ruling party is being castigated left, right and centre over allegations of massive corruption while it has chosen to keep mum, to not come out with any retort or defence of any genre. Last 27th Feb witnessed a massive rally against corruption at the Ramlila Ground in Delhi, and the clarion call was given by none other than Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru. The dias was shared by the those who have become the byword of anti-corruption movement in India, Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal and Anna Hazare. The point to be noted is that, while such bigshots attended and addressed this rally, the media though was present in good numbers, did not give much footage to the issues raised and the statements made. But why? It was only a religious channel Astha that ran the program all through the day.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The most scathing attack was fired by the former income tax commissioner Vishwabandhu Gupta. He called Pranab Mukherjee names and launched a barrage of allegations against Sonia Gandhi and her political advisor Ahmad Patel. He thundered, “I will tell you how the country has been fooled for the past six years. It is a story that will jolt you out of your senses. I met Pranab Mukherjee who is the Finance minister of India. I said to him that Mr. Minister our 70 lakh crores is lying in Switzerland. Why do not you try to bring a law to get it back. He replied that Vishwabandhu you do not understand, Switzerland too has its own laws. Under those laws they will neither tell us the names nor return the money. I kept on listening to him. I kept listening to the eunuch. I thought my parents went to jail fighting against the British and what is this eunuch doing sitting here? He is not just a eunuch, he is a big liar. Always in the Parliament he is lying.” Vishwabandhu did not level any allegations nor did he come out with some expose regarding Pranab Mukherjee, still he kept calling him names and Ramdev, sitting beside kept smiling, the people kept on clapping. Thereafter he went on to level such a horrendous allegation at the Central Government that baffled the audience. He said, “ I want to say another thing. Quattrochi is hiding. He has a son called Malissma or Malussma. I have all the documents. I have been a commissioner and I do not speak without documents. Malussma acquired a license to drill oil in Andaman & Nicobar in 2005. And he did this under this government. The son of that Quattrochi whom Baba calls to find out, is running the most notorious racketeer company ENI India Limited from an office in the Meridian hotel. Let us march to the hotel and raze that office. This matter has not been raised by the media nor the Parliament has taken cognizance of it.” This is serious allegation and must be probed. If Gupta is found to be untrue he must be punished by the government.\\\\\\\\\\\ Interesting thing is that he even called upon the PM and Sonia Gandhi to listen to what he had to say. He said, “the PM and Sonia too will listen to this today, all the corrupt leaders will listen to it. They know who is Vishwabandhu Gupta. Today, to take my voice and that of the people, I speak to expose all things one by one.” He went on to make another expose, “in 2005 Swiss Bankers Association wrote a letter to this government expressing their willingness to visit India. In 2007, the same bankers who are holding our 70 lakh crores came to India. We have their photographs also. They asked for permission to open their branches and subsidiaries in India. They said that they want to invest the money that they have launderd throughout the world in the Mumbai Stock Market. It a matter of shame and I want answers from P.Chidambaram. in 2007 Swiss banks were allowed to invest in stock market. In 2005 4 banks from Switzerland and 8 banks of Italy were opened in India. These Italian banks are those which are on the verge of bankruptcy in Italy and are run by the Italian Mafia. I do not need to go beyond this point. I only gave Baba the list of these 8 banks.” Vishwabandhu did not stop at this. He leveled the most serious allegation so far against Sonia. He went on to say, “my sister Sonia if you have come to loot this nation please declare this from the ramparts of the Red Fort. If we are the true sons of Indian soil we will win otherwise if you are a true Italian you would win. Let us finish this war once and for all times.” All these unpalatable things were said against the Congress under the aegis of the Swabhimaan Andolan of Ramdev. While Ramdev had declared that he is not targeting any particular party in his drive against corruption but all this is sufficeient to prove that Congress is in his cross hair.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Central government has drawn flak from the Supreme Court with regard to the Hasan Ali case. The supreme Court wanted to know why no action has been taken against Hasan Ali. What is important is that even before the Supreme Court’s order, Vishwabandhu had exposed the Hasan Ali Congress nexus. Gupta had said, “let me now expose Hasan Ali case. Income tax department , in which I was a commissioner raided pune in which a laptop was recovered which contained 17 names . a name that could be read was that of adnan kashogi. The rest of the names were coded and were not readable. Our sleuths got tired and said that they could not be read. An honest officer wrote to Switzerland that they must reveal these names. They replied that they were ready to divulge the names given the finance minister wrote to them. But see the character of that person Chidambaram, he should resign. Let me tell you the true character of Chidambaram. I do not know the precise reasons why the letter was written. But it seems that Chidambaram tried to extort bribes from these 17 men on the list who are anyway men of much means. He wrote the letter and the name of Hasan Ali came up. But fate did not favour Chidambaram as the seventeen names returned from Switzerland contained the names of 3 political leaders. I will tell you the names of thses three also. First was that of Vilasrao Deshmukh who is currently a cabinet minister at the centre. Then the second name was that of Hasan Ali, the horse trader. This was three years ago and still Hasan Ali is at large freely roaming. The third name who used to meet Hasan Ali along with Vilasrao Deshmukh in Pune was Ahmad Patel. Sonia Gandhi hark….the Mumbai Police still has the video footage of the three meeting in Pune. Now the scene shifted from Hasan Ali to Sinia Gandhi. He went on to say, “Ahmad Patel is the political Advisor to the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. I do not know what kind of political advice he tenders as his meeting with Sonia continues from 12 in the night to 2. It is the first time that I have seen Indian political leaders meeting in the dead of night from 12 to 3. It is the time for owls to prowl! Either Sonia Gandhi or Ahmad Patel should tell why, whenever Sonia called him on the phone, did Ahmad Patel go to 10 Janpath changing vehicles all along? What was being done, what rate was thrashed out? Today the country has turned into a departmental store. This government auctioned the posts of Vice Chancellors and Rajya Sabha seats for 35 crores each. Everything was on sale to the extent that this government sold even the country’s land. We all know that Hasan Ali is Dawood aide. In the 2G scam we came to hear about Shahid Balwa. Balwa today is a builder; he used to roam the streets on foot sometime ago. When Balwa was raided, there were found documents worth thousands of crores in the name of Sharad Pawar. I just fail to fathom if there is a single honest minister in this cabinet.”\\\\\\\\\\ Ramjethmalani, senior BJP leader, too was present at the rally and he also leveled allegations against Congress and the Gandhi family. He said, “a newspaper in Switzerland, named Illustrated, gave out the names of 14 embezzlers against their photographs. One of these 14 was an Indian name. He was the former PM of our country, Rajeev Gandhi. A figure of millions of dollars was there beside his photo that he had stashed in Swiss Bank accounts. Let me talk of 1994. A book was published named, A State within a State. It stated that Rahul Gandhi is annually funded by the secret service of Russia, the KGB. Rahul keeps thanking Russia and thinks that what he is getting from here, he is investing in India. But Indian Press never told this to the Indian people. This thing was covered up. Why? Has the media also been corrupted? “\\\\\\\\\\ Ramdev spoke at last. He spoke not like a saint or divine but like a politician. He gave a direction to all those who had spoken before him. He spoke of the friends and foes of the Bharat Swabhiman Andolan. He said, “the name of Mahatma Gandhi was never given to anything significant. Under a lot of pressure, the NREGA was renamed as Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. Rest nearly all the welfare schemes are named after a single family. Has only one family in India suffered for the country and have produced martyrs…how come all the schemes are named after a single family. This current central government has ruled India for 55 years and in this period 400 lakh crores have been siphoned from India. It is not that we are giving a clean chit to other parties but if they are 1% culprit, this current government is 99% culprit.” And anyway Gupta had earlier declared that, “There will be such a Mahabharat against corruption that the current generation will witness and North Block, South Block and 10 Janpath would all be razed.”\\\\\\\\\\\\ Baba Ramdev directly accused Sonia in case of Black Money and took Vishwabandhu’s argument further. Baba said, “earlier money was siphoned off to Switzerland but now they have called those banks here only. They have called four Swiss banks to the country. They said earlier we used loot thousand crores while now we can loot lakh crores. Earlier it used to be difficult to get this money to Switzerland but now it is easy. Swiss banks, fine but what are Italian banks doing in India?” Ramdev kept abusing the Gandhi family, sometimes directly sometimes obliquely. He even took a dig at Nehru saying that he had just returned from Tezpur which an Indian PM had given to China. He revived another controversy, “An MP from Congress abused me. He was a man who saw a dog and bloody Indian in a saint. He needs medication but point is how can we send such people to the Parliament. The Party and the government do not even apologise for it, rather they want to have a reckoning. Now the people of India will reckon as how much have you people looted from them.” Baba did not even spare the PM. He said, “Today the PM did not give time but I will keep asking for his time. If he does not give me time, his time too may be up. May god keep him in good health, he is an honest man surrounded by most dishonest men. He has the distinction of being the most honest PM of the most corrupt government.”\\\\\\\\\\\\ The chief motive of a rally is to give out a social message to the people. There are rallies that do attract huge crowds but are not able to give out any message to the society nor polity while on the other hand there are rallies that are ill attended but they are high on taking a relevant message to the audience and the country at large. Baba’a rally failed to convey its intended message to the masses of India. He must have been baffled to see that his favourite channels and newspapers did not give any significant footage to his rally and what had been said there. It may be possible that Congress scuttled any initiative by the media to show all what had been said at the rally as the charges framed had been really serious. The channels and print media must have seen reason to steer clear of the rally.\\\\\\\\\\ There has been a paradigmatic shift in the nature of gatherings at Ramdev’s call since the time he has declared his intention to float a political party. This rally too manifests that transition. Serious charges were leveled against the Congress and the Gandhi family, they were maligned in all possible ways wherein the barriers of civilized language were often crossed. Baba has taken Congress and the Gandhi family in his cross hair. But stooping to cross barriers of decency in public does not behoove of saints. If the Baba has any truth to his words then he must be confident enough to attract public attention even while maintaining all decency of public life and debate. Congress has been bulldozed by the humongous level of these allegations. It is not able to decide to go after these things or remain silent. Point is that does anyone have the right to wrongly accuse any political party, figure, minister etc. without evidence at hand. If the Baba and company have the evidence then they must get it out in front of the public. If the Congress has anything to ay it must say it loud, this is the time. People have the right to know and silence is tacit acceptance of guilt.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000