Date: 24 Mar 2011

Comment \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ HERE IS AN EYE OPENER SCENE FROM PARIS, FRANCE.\\\\\\\ Every Hindu and Sikh ought to see it and look the SECOND Partition (staring at us) in the eye. At least we have the warning which our parents never had in early 1940's. As a result of that neglect we saw TWO MILLION of our HINDU FAMILY slaughtered within weeks and Bharat emerged BROKEN & BLEEDING, and MUCH REDUCED.\\\\\\\\\\\ Most of us are still living in our own homes now but let us spare a thought for (and RELATE to) the ousted Kashmiri Hindu family now languishing in a refugee camp somewhere in the chaotic leaderless wilderness of Partitioned India that is perpetually under CONGRESS & DYNASTY where the pro Islamic "mongrel" Government, too, is bashing the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They happily accept and tolerate TWO hostile Islamic republics on EITHER side of the endangered Middle India (Bharat) with calmness, equanimity and appreciation but "catch fire" in rage on hearing the words "Hindu Rashtra". \\\\\\\\\\ We all must follow your good example and give it widest publicity. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000