Why are The Hindus Addicted to their Abusers?

Date: 24 Mar 2011


Why are The Hindus Addicted to their Abusers?\\\\\\ Written by: Raju Peddada\\\\\\\\\\\\ March 4th, 2011 .\\\\\\\\ Foreign rule of India continues into the twenty-first century\\\\\\\\\\ In the fields of Psychiatry and Psychology, addictive and co-dependent relationships have been conjectured upon, debated with published white papers, researched with seemingly definitive conclusions that explicate the convoluted relationship between the abused and the abuser. Somewhere in the vast domain of these professions, resides the clinical answer to my query. Why does the fatal relationship of Hinduism with its various alien abusers continue even today? As much as it is a rhetorical question, this is more a pithy inquiry, not a prolix meandering into the histology of this phenomenon. There could be many explanations available as opinions from varied sources, and they could all have clinical overtones. But, the source of the answer I am looking for is not in the aforementioned professions, but Hinduism itself. I want Hindus to contemplate on this and see if we can decipher the answer, it is rather simple and can fill us with pride.\\\\\\\\\\ Religions, like everything else, have characters and personalities. Hinduism oozes sexuality and radiates like an ovulating woman. Most of you will say how can it be, when most of its mythological heroes were virile men like Rama, Lakshman, Bhishma, Krishna, Arjuna and Bhima, or terrestrial immortals like Sri Ramakrishna, Vivek Ananda, Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore. Well, this is exactly why Hinduism was and is a women, a mother in this case that nurtured such men. Hinduism is imbued with the feminine character, aspects that look very attractive to the opposite gender: Pliant, Obsequious, adaptable, benevolent, nurturing, supple and negotiable. Qualities that nurture great men. The opposite of the spectrum is Islam, which looks and smells as an animal man, unbathed from the desert. The obvious characteristics: uncivil, uncouth, inflexible, rapacious, brutish, indifferent to sentiments of humanity, a raging phallus rampaging the regions for virginal sexual quarry. Christianity also had similar tendencies, eons ago, during the 12th through the 14th centuries. It is no wonder that Hinduism has managed to attract rapacious violators from the west into their pliant and delectable wonderland. But this time, in the 21st century, it is not an “erect” man from the west having his way with the feminine Hindus, but a white Catholic woman, disguised as an Indian widow clad in a white saree, that is having her way with 900 million plus Hindus. How can they breed such hard people and we cannot? It has to be their doctrines! Let me put this conundrum in a metaphorical manner to mitigate the sting. The Hindus are the only religious group in the world that had been passed on from one “bed” to the another, as if the collective represented an aphoristic courtesan passed from harem to harem. The first invaders came in Armour, then in the 21st century they came in as married. Can’t figure it out eh? Since the beginning of the 10th century AD, the Hindus have been a wet dream for most invaders from the north east. First the Muslims, then the British and the French penetrations after the 17th century, and today. Yes even today! Wait a minute! Who is the alien ruling us today?! Well guess hard my friends. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like duck, but still is not a duck, and has complete control of the Indian political landscape, who the hell is it? This time the alien did not have to come on a horse bearing his sword, the invader came in invited into the Hindu household through a marriage into the dynastic political royalty of the country, Kashmiri pandits. Did she change her religion to be admitted into a pandit household? Hell No! But, if any of us were to be married into a Muslim or Christian family, we have “discard our heathen-Pagan identity” and take up their “civilized” faith.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The political landscape of India, the land of the Hindus, is being controlled by a Catholic woman from the west, with affinities and loyalties to her religion and parents. It is not just her, it is with every woman, she never belongs to the married family, she is merely borrowed to breed. Besides, if after all these decades, she is still a Catholic, it reveals more of a disdain for the “heathens or pagans” she is surrounded by. If she is superior, it is because of an acquiescing miasma of Hindu sycophants without a lint’s weight in dignity or character holding large bags open for untold cash windfalls. My friends, Sonia Gandhi is that individual of the west that is ruling India again! I have a simple question…can we ever breed indigenous leaders with nerves of steel or with a vision of clairvoyant soothsayer, can we, for the sake of the Hindus breed any such human? If not, be prepared for what is headed every Hindu’s way. The dissolution of India as the land of the Hindus is not too far away. According to many sources, policies are already set in motion that could render India, a land lost of its indigenous religion and culture. Millions of rupees are poured into coffers from the ecclesiastical authorities to be distributed to all the regional bishops for mass conversions. In the south this is happening with a pathological intensity. In the future, the Hindus will be paying protection money to the Muslims or the Catholics for their own security. It will be like a Hindu paying the local Muslim or Catholic goondas to stay off of their virgin girls or women. This is what went on in the Armenian communities in Turkey a century ago, before they were marched out of the country into a slow genocide in Anatolia. The modern day version is what has been going on to the minorities in Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt. The Coptic Christians in Egypt live in the slums around Cairo, yards away from the most luxurious ancient kingdom on earth. They cannot get water, cannot get electricity, no one hears their complaints, they pick garbage to recycle to survive, as they cannot get jobs, the scenes of poverty are so vicious and brutal it is almost a mirror into a future Islamic or Catholic India. The Catholic societies of South America are in no better straits. Under Islamic majority, the bigotry, the discrimination, the abuse, the obfuscation of truth, the conversion and the subversion will be institutionalized and systematized into a series of national and local laws, exactly like they have in pretty much every Islamic hole of a country.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu control of the country will keep it secular and democratic, but in an insidious manner, the forces of subversion, corruption and destruction have worked their way into the Indian political landscape. What are the Hindus doing? Nothing as usual, fractious as before, disorganized and unorganized as in the past, everything is predictable. What I can never understand is, how a man like Man Mohan Singh, an indigenous, erudite and brilliant man, cannot become a PM as a part of a Hindu Party. One part of me wants to throw bouquets at Sonia for transforming herself into a consummate politician in foreign land, but on the other hand, I want to put on the night vision goggles, deploy all the infrared cameras to see what she actually is trying to pull off right under the Hindu noses. For the Hindus, it is a matter for dedicated urgent vigilance with all peripheral faculties they can muster. And speaking about muster, when can the Hindus muster a leader of stature to stand against the president of the Indian National Congress?\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By Raju Peddada 03 March 2011 000000000