Date: 26 Mar 2011


SECULARISM OF A DONKEY AND A LION. \\\\\\\\\\\ Politically correct cowards, egged on by powerful MUSLIM lobby, unashamedly condemn British National Party (BNP) who are defending THEIR own country. They conveniently forget that if we, too, had some patriotic organisation like the BNP in India before her ignominious Partition, perhaps LAHORE, MULTAN and CHITTAGONG may have been WITHIN India today. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In any case how ironic that we surrendered everything to the Muslim “WOLF” but here in the United Kingdom we are preventing the natives from standing up to the same ENEMY. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Journalists write beautifully and convincingly, mentioning the ISLAMIC dictatorships that have lasted 20, 30 and even 40 years but none mentions our own CURSE called Dynasty and “Mongrel” Hindu-Bashing Congress Party that has ruled Broken Bharat with IRON FIST for over SIXTY THREE YEARS including one spell of EMERGENCY when all lips crying for GENUINE Secularism were sealed by prime minister Indira. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indeed, Islam is eating up neighbouring PAKISTAN, but TO HELL WITH THEM! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We need to look at the same MUSLIM MONSTER growing rapidly WITHIN our own Hindusthan. We have MORE "Pakistanis" in Partitioned India than in Pakistan and Bogusdesh put together. \\\\\\\\\\\ Realistically, now we are looking into the prospect of a second Partition that will see West Bengal, Kashmir and parts of Assam also chipped off, not to speak of the terrified and intimidated Hindus’ INABILITY to raise Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. \\\\\\\\\ The Hindus in Pakistan and BOGUSDESH cannot have similar clout like the UNWELCOME & "PERSONA NON GRATA" MUSLIMS in Bharat who were embraced by Gandhi close to his chest and called “My Muslim Children.” \\\\\\\\\\\\ Secularism can never become a SWORD unless people are as much motivated and willing to sacrifice their lives as they are in the name of religion, e.g., the AMERICANS who are blasting “terror sponsoring ISLAMIC” Libya to shreds, having done the same in Irak and Afghanistan. \\\\\\\\\ How do we compare secularism in Bharat with that in America while we are unable to move even an inch into North Kashmir? .\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Secularism is defeatist, disgraceful, COWARDLY and ONE SIDED since the ENEMY WITHIN is burning with the rage of Religion, eg. Dr Zakir Naik's conversion crusade. \\\\\\\\\\\ We confronted "Mohammed" by SWORD on one side (Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh) while “ahimsa smitten Cuckoo” GANDHI (Ahimsa) confronted Mohammed on the other. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is for the world to decide as to what proved EFFECTIVE. \\\\\\\\\\\ By wielding the SWORD we captured even KHYBER PASS but by chanting “Secularism” we LOST EVEN LAHORE. 26 Mar 11. \\\\\\\\\\\\\000000000