Land grabbers and violent extremists

Date: 26 Mar 2011


Land grabbers and violent extremists\\\\\\\\\\\ India is a land of ancient culture and civilization. This land is the birth place for the Holy Vedas which are a composition of science, technology, engineering, arts, and everything under the sun. Even the modern day scientists all over the world are surprised by the enormous amount of knowledge the Holy Vedas contain. Modern day India was once called "Bhaarat" (Named after King Bharata). Hereafter, the names India and Bhaarat are used interchangeably in this article. \\\\\\\\\\\ The historic Bhaarat's geographical borders extended till what is today known as Afghanistan. The name of the city Kandahar in Afghanistan is derived from the name "Gandhara", a place mentioned in the ancient history of Bhaarat. With the brutal invasions of the Muhammad of Ghazni and Muhammad of Ghori in the 8th century A.D., the Hindus living in Bharat have been slaughtered and were forced to convert to Islam. Hindu women were raped by the Islamic rulers and all the places of worship have been replaced by mosques. In that way, the "Gandhara" state of Bhaarat (Present day Afghanistan) went into the hands of Islamists. Today, we all know how big a menace Afghanistan has become to the entire world. Afghanistan is not only sacred to the Hindus, but also to the Buddhists. In the historic town of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, large statues of The Buddha (The God of Buddhists) have been destroyed by the Islamist extremists in the year 2001. \\\\\\\\\\ Now, lets move to the east of Afghanistan and look the history of the current day Pakistan. When India gained independence from British rule in 1947, Mohammad Ali Jinnah started a violent agitation for a separate land for Muslims since they did not want to co-exist with Hindus. Hindus were forced to give in to the demands and thus the present day Pakistan came into existence. Ever since that day, Indian Muslims, with support from their brothers in Pakistan started slaughtering Hindus in the state of Kashmir in India (Which is on the border of India and Pakistan). Lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave their properties and home land due to the fear of violent Islamists. Now, Muslims living in Kashmir are demanding a separate country for themselves since their population is in majority. Today, both Pakistan and Kashmir are the the homes for violent and extremist organizations like Al-Queda. \\\\\\\\ In the ancient kingdom of Ayodhya, which is the birth place of Lord Sree Ram (A Hindu God), the temple of Sree Ram was demolished by Aurangazeb (An Islamic invader) and a mosque (Babri masjid) was constructed. This mosque was abandoned by Muslims ever since 1934 since it was found that it's not auspicious for them. As per Islam, any mosque that is abandoned for a period of time ceases to be a place of worship for the Muslims. In the year 1991, a group of Hindus demolished the mosque to reclaim their right to build the temple of Lord Sree Ram. It was then that all the Muslims got together and started killing Hindus to avenge for the demolition of the Babri Mosque. \\\\\\\\\\ Friends, it is not just India that is facing the problem with violent Islamists. As many of you know, Muslims in Palestine are now all set to take claim over the holy places of Christians and Jews in Israel. And, in the recent past, while one set of extremists demolished the WTC in New York, another group of Muslims are now all set to build a mosque at the same location. \\\\\\\\\\ If we carefully observe all the nations where the majority population is Muslims, none of them are peaceful, and none of them respect human rights. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Bosnia, etc,. All these countries along with other countries in the middle-east are directly or indirectly involved in exporting terrorism to all parts of the world. \\\\\\\\\\ All the above mentioned facts lead us to the conclusion that Islam is all about land grabbing and violation of human dignity and values. It's now time for all civilized countries and religions all over the world to get together and curb this violent extremism forever. Our countries may have to make economic sacrifices by preparing for a war against violent Islamists so that our next generations will have a better world to live in. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Countries like the US, UK, India, Japan, Israel, Canada, and bodies like NATO, EU should unite against the menace of Jihadi extremism. President JFK once said, "It is unfortunate that peace can be achieved only by preparing for a war." These words are very much true. And if we all have to gift a safer and a peaceful world to our next generations, we all have to make some collective and bold choices. May God bless our world. May God bless us all. 000000000