A bill to derail Indian Society .

Date: 27 Mar 2011


March 27, 2011 \\\\\\\\\\ TogadiaSpeak \\\\\\ A bill to derail Indian Society ? By Dr Pravin Togadia \\\\\\\\ I am not speaking of Kaamsutra or Midnight Rendezvous. Government of India is said to be introducing a bill that makes sex at 12 for girls legitimate. Kids under 14 are not allowed to work per Child Labour Law; kids under 18 are not allowed to vote with the logic that they are not capable to know right or wrong and kids under 18 are not allowed to watch ‘A’ category films because they can affect kids impressionable minds. But the government feels that girls at 12 are mature enough to not only have sex but also to select the partner only two years older to them for it. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The riddle of this bill does not stop here. The bill proposes that girls at 12 are allowed to have ‘Non-Penetrating’ sex. Meaning the government believes that a girl at 12 is mature enough to kiss, cuddle, caress and be kissed, cuddled and caressed but have control to say no for penetrating sex to the boy who is 14 to 16. Meaning the government also believes that the boy at 14 to 16 is mature enough to kiss, caress and cuddle a girl, then control himself and stop before penetrating. You thought that I was joking? No. This is the bill government of India is said to be proposing in this session. \\\\\\\\\\ As a doctor we are taught physiology and psychiatry both. I know that certain feelings get aroused when girls and boys reach certain age of puberty. I know they are natural. Do we allow all natural feelings and acts legally and as a social norm? A rapist also has natural feelings of sex in his mind and body. Anger, jealousy, hunger, sex, greed are natural feelings. If government starts allowing all such feelings and the ensuing actions under law then government would have to legitimise rape, murder, loot etc. \\\\\\\\\\\ Logic that anyways today’s kids are exposed to sex at early age and they practice it - so legitimise it - is a logical fallacy? I am not even speaking of moral and immoral here. Accepting the natural feelings clinically of girls and boys of that tender age, even as a doctor, I am stunned by the sheer apathy of the government towards well-being of Indian girls. Child Marriage Act was made to avoid child mortality because a girl before 18 is not bodily and mentally prepared to bear a child. Strangely, the TV panelists who shout against marriages of girls under 18 in tribes and some communities; are the same people who are propagating sex at 12 for girls assuming that if the girl says no the boy will stop at a particular stage when necking each other or even hoping that such a kid girl can exercise control to say no or she would know when and where to stop that boy. As a doctor anyone can tell that certain chemicals are created during kissing and cuddling that have overpowering effect like a trans; and government wants kids to practice restraint at that stage in that gullible age. Even the grown ups trying to impose such bills onto Bharat, can not vouch that they can practice such a restraint in sex. \\\\\\\\\\ The serious issue is the ongoing conspiracy to break Hindu family system and tear into the strong fabric of family. Net, drugs and sex addicts is not Bharat; Bharat lives in villages and little towns. Urban phenomena of relationships is yet to penetrate rural Bharat; but with this bill and with the purposely created debates on this bill, government wants to instigate girls at 12 - who are not allowed to marry till 18 \\\\\\\\\ (If the new bill goes through then 21!) - to go berserk. I am sure the TV panelists will give examples from Hindu mythology from which they do not even understand the metaphors. \\\\\\\\\ Has the government invented a removable male organ like nut and bolt so that the boy can keep it at home while kissing and cuddling such a little girl? Sounds crude and shocking? Then the proposed bill is yet more shocking and has no provisions to protect girls. Bharat is not the West with stricter laws - when She says no, it is rape. Girls in Bharat are not sitting on the streets for anyone to kiss and cuddle. Any boy of 14 - 16 may kiss her and then say it is allowed in law and the girl - scared and embarrassed for not being able to protect family pride, may commit suicide. Imagine the spate of rapes and unwed mothers arising out of this as no girl of that age has mental and physical strength to stop sexual aggression at a particular stage. Not only girls, even the parents’ suicides will go up because the stress will be so high worrying if their little kid daughter or boy are safe. \\\\\\\\\\\ Marriage, family and children are symbols of Bharat’s strong culture. Those who broke temples, then broke Bharat for Pak and now are constantly making Jehadi and other attacks on Bharat’s economy and systems, are now all set to break families in Bharat. Freedom of expression, love or sex are vague concepts. Because the government is under pressure to sell condoms and anti-pregnancy pills of foreign companies, we can never allow such ‘rapist’ bill to loot our daughters and sisters. Not only girls, even boys would get distracted from their goal of studies, sports and arts at that tender age. Orkut, You-Tube, Face-Book or any other net places are already doing such distracting agent’s job; now even Govt of India is coming ahead to break peace and tranquility in families of Bharat so that the youth can go berserk and rebel. This sure will help the West because then the budding scientists, artists and sportsmen would be nipped in the bud and get swayed to early immature sex, diseases and mental stress leading to total failure in life. \\\\\\\\ Bharat will stand up democratically against such a dirty conspiracy. Those who propose or propagate such a demeaning bill: Let their 12 yr girl tell them, "Mom, I had sex; but it hurts as he did not stop" - then the rapists of Bharat’s families will realise what hit them. \\\\\\\\\\ (The writer is a renowned Cancer Surgeon and International Secretary General of VHP. Contact: drtogadia@gmail.com) 000000000