Date: 29 Mar 2011


A letter the whole world could write:zzzzzzzzzz \\\\\\\\\\ Re: Iman Al-Obeidi.zzzzzzzzz \\\\\\\\\\ Editor \\\\\\\\ Sir/Madam, \\\\\\\\\\ The above named lady was in extremely distraught physical and mental condition when her story became known to the world. She had been totally degraded by the Libyan security forces. \\\\\\\\\\ She took the most desperate and dangerous step to cry out her pain and anguish in words to foreign journalists in a hotel in Tripoli yesterday. \\\\\\\ Her condition and pain have given extreme shock and sadness to millions of people across the world. \\\\\\\\\\ KINDLY PUBLISH HER STORY IN FULL. THANK YOU. \\\\\\\\\\\ I also pray to God to see the day of JUSTICE when those who abused, insulted, beat and raped her are arrested one day and brought to court of justice where she will be enabled to state all what they did to her and what she went through. \\\\\\\\ Yours truly (Please sign your name and POST.)\\\\\\\ 000000000