Date: 30 Mar 2011


A NEW BOOK BY TRAITORS WHO WISH TO GIVE "GUILT COMPLEX" TO THE PATRIOTS IN INDIA HAS BEEN PUBLISHED TO DECLARE THAT "GANDHI KILLERS ARE ENEMIES OF INDIA." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE REALITY IS THAT GANDHI HIMSELF WITH FRIENDS JINNAH AND NEHRU MADE SURE THAT HINDUSTHAN SURRENDERS ONE THIRD OF HER TERRITORY TO THE BLOOD THIRSTY MOHAMMEDANS WHO WERE CITIZENS OF INDIA AT THAT TIME.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WHEN IT WAS TIME TO GIVE THE HEROIC CALL TO CONFRONT THE MOHAMMEDAN SEPARATIST, INTORLERANT AND VIOLENT "DOGS" THESE TRAITORS EITHER KEPT QUIET OR COLLABORATED WITH THE ENEMY. THE RESULT OF THEIR HIGH TREASON IS THE PRESENT DISGUSTING, REVOLTING AND DISFIGURED MAP OF INDIA. PLEASE COMPARE IT TO THE ONE BEFORE THE SWORD OF MOHAMMED MUTILATED IT IN 1947 WHILE IMPOSING KORAN & SHARIA UPON LAHORE AND KASUR,THE CITIES FOUNDED BY THE TWO SONS OF SRI RAMA SOME 2,500 YEARS AGO. NOW WHILE IT IS HIGH TIME TO EXPEL THE TRAITORS FROM PARTITIONED INDIA, THE TREACHEROUS OFFICIAL LINE BY DYNASTY AND CONGRESS IS TO BLAME THE NATIVE HINDUS FOR THE TRAGEDY AND TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE THAT ITALIAN BORN EX MAID FROM ITALY IS THE BEST LEADER TO GUIDE AND LEAD THE LAND OF HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Either the Hindus will rise to HANG ALL THE TRAITORS or these traitors will destroy the Hindus in Hindusthan. Lahore, too, was in Hindusthan, NOT LONG AGO. Then we had their counterpart JL NEHRU, who revived Islam but KILLED Hinduism- gave them ISLAMIC REPUBLIC while professing SECULARISM for the intimidated Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\ East Pakistan was INDIAN the day of VICTORY and CAPTURE in 1971 but we had a MUSALMAANI WITCH at the top who returned our sacred "Dharti" (TERRITORY) to separatist, intolerant and violent Mohammed once again, following in the footsteps of her father and to please the soul of her husband FEROZE KHAN. Hindus just watched the impossible take place TWICE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ BOGUS Sikhs like MM Singh watched and never mentioned their own "run for life" from the Devil's land and never told their children that Nankana Sahib and his own place of birth were once in India. For that COWARDICE of forgetting, the Sikhs "GOT IT" in 1984. \\\\\\\\\\ Law of Nature says, "FORGET AND DIE." That is why the Jews never forgot their Holocaust. The Hindus have NOT built even one HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM anywhere. Thus we are programmed by Nature to die. \\\\\\\\ We should say to ourselves, "Don't blame the ENEMY. Blame ourselves for cowardice and ignorance and for calling the MOHAMMEDANS "brothers". It was NEVER "Hindu-Hindu, or Hindu-Sikh bhai bhai," but "Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai!" Such is the poison that we are drinking as a nation day and night. This "bogus Bhai" won't even let us build Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Yet the Hindus in Hindusthan are so WEAK that we cannot even "GHERAO" these rascals and the house-maid from Italy to shout, "QUIT INDIA!" \\\\\\\\\\ In MIDDLE India (Bharat) now from top to bottom the WEAKNESS of Hindus stinks. But we now see a revival! \\\\\\\\\\ We should watch and cherish heroes like Swamy Ramanand. He is the new HOPE of Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ The situation is a challenge for all our LEADERS. We, the people, can only watch, listen and follow them to death (as in Lahore) or glory. \\\\\\\\\\\ They could have written a book on the “Plunder and Slaughter of HINDUS in Hindusthan in the last Millennium”, instead. 30 March 11.\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ PS: What is stopping the Hindus, especially the MARATHAS, the one time warriors, to erect statues of Great Patriot NATHU RAM JI in Mumbai and Poona, even in DELHI? \\\\\\\\\\ Another Law of Nature: "When WE don't act, the ENEMY does." And then we protest and cry! 000000000